Pet Safety Tips To Follow During Halloween Day
Pet Safety Tips To Follow During Halloween Day
Halloween is one of those special days that are enjoyed by adults and children all over the world. Pets too can be a part of this grand occasion but some ground rules and safety tips need to be followed to ensure their safety. In this blog, we will be taking a look at some pet safety tips that one must follow during Halloween.

Pet Safety Tips For Halloween Day

Below are a few tips that need to be adhered to in order to keep your pet safe and secure while you all celebrate Halloween

1. Say No To Halloween Candies

Most of the Halloween candies are made out of chocolate, and as you all know, chocolate is extremely harmful for your pets. Thus, refrain from feeding your pet Halloween candies. You could treat him with dog and cat treats instead, or perhaps, take in the efforts by baking some special treats for your pal.

2. Keep Pets Indoors

Halloween is that time of the year where people are mostly outdoors as they enjoy the grand day by going trick-o-treating and what not. While this is all fun, we recommend keeping your buddy indoors, especially dark-colored pets because taking them out on the road is a big risk as many cars pass by, and in all likelihood, mishaps could occur. Thus, keep your bud inside and celebrate Halloween with him.

3. Pet Proofing Is Essential

Lanterns and other decorations are a must when it comes to Halloween, but with pets around, you have to be extra careful. Make sure the jack-o-lanterns and other so-called dangerous decorations are kept out of the reach of your pets. So make sure you pet-proof your home, especially the area(s) you intend to allow your buddy to roam around.

4. Update ID Tags

Amidst all the celebrations, your pet might sneak out from the back door without you even noticing. And if that happens, it will become extremely difficult to go hunt for him. So it is best advised to update their ID tags (which happen to be at the back of their collars) with your phone number and name of your buddy. In this way, if your buddy does get lost, if someone finds him, they will look at the tag and get in touch with you.

5. Minimize Loud Noises

Loud noises are bound to take place because it’s Halloween and people simply love this festival. But it is imperative to take note of your buddy’s situation. There are many pets that get extremely scared when it comes to loud noise. So try and minimize the sound, or better, opt for anxiety and stress relieving products such as Anxiety TFLN to help your buddy during such stressful situations.

6. Keep Tabs On Your Pet

Lastly, while you are busy celebrating Halloween, make sure you have eyes on your buddy’s whereabouts at all times. It might be difficult, but you need to do it in order to keep him safe and secure.

Pet safety should be your top priority, so make sure you are doing it all to keep your buddy safe during your Halloween celebrations. At the end of the day, your pet solely depends on you for his safety. SO yes, stay alert and have a fun time celebrating Halloween with your four-legged friend. Moreover, do not forget to check out VetSupply for some pawsome and purrfect Halloween deals just for your pets!