Nexgard Or Simparica – Which Treatment Is Better?
Nexgard Or Simparica – Which Treatment Is Better?
Nexgard or Simparica Which is better for you dog ? Read a complete comparison guide between two.

Dogs are one of the best pets to have because they make life a lot less stressful and easy. But unfortunately, these four-legged buddies can succumb to numerous health concerns, especially the dreaded fleas and ticks. These pesky critters can wreak havoc all throughout the year and hence, it becomes essential to put your buddy on a flea and tick preventative schedule. Now there are several treatments available but the two most standout ones are Nexgard and Simparica. But which one’s better? Well, read on to find out.

There are several similarities between both Nexgard and Simparica, which is why is becomes difficult to tell which one is better. Let us look at their similarities.

1. Both Are Meant For Dogs Only

Nexgard and Simparica are treatments that are only for dogs. They specifically say on their packs that the treatment is for dogs and puppies. So never give this treatment to your cats, it will have a negative reaction on them.

2. Oral Chewable Treatment

Both Nexgard and Simparica are oral forms of flea and tick treatment. Besides, they both come in a chewable form that is easy to dose your dog. Moreover, the chewables are highly tasty that helps in easy dosage.

3. Kills Fleas And Four Tick Species

These highly excellent preventatives and treatment help in eliminating fleas very quickly. Also, they help in eliminating ticks as well. Infact, both treatments help in getting rid of four tick species – Black-legged ticks, Brown dog ticks, Lone star ticks, American dog ticks.

4. Monthly Treatments

Nexgard and Simparica are both monthly treatments. So its imperative to give the next dose exactly after one month for better results.

Now coming to the differences, there are quite a few differences that will help chalk out which treatment pips the other. Let us take a closer look at them.

1. Gulf Coast Ticks

Gulf coast ticks may not be common in dogs but they can be extremely harmful and while Nexgard isn’t effective in getting rid of them, Simparica is extremely powerful in tormenting such tick species.

2. Flavored Treatments

As you’ve just read earlier, both Nexgard and Simparica are flavored treatments but both are not of the same flavor. While Nexgard is a beef flavored chewable treatment, on the other hand, Simparica is a liver flavored one.

3. Active Ingredient

Both these chewable treatment contain an active ingredient that are different from the other. Nexgard has Afoxolaner as its active ingredient while Simparica contains Sarolaner as its main ingredient.

4. Time Taken To Work

Nexgard eliminates 100% existing flea within just 24 hours. On the other hand, Simparica begins to eliminate adult fleas in just 3 hours and ticks in just 8 hours.

As you can see, both Nexgard and Simparica are extremely good and effective flea and tick treatment and they do not have a major difference between them. But that being said, Simparica does kill an additional tick specie and is realtively faster in eliminating fleas and ticks. Hence, Simparica would be the bigger bet, but Nexgard is just as effective. So before you opt for any oral treatment, consult your vet first.