Labour Day: Road Trip Safety tips for Pet Parents
“Labour Day” is celebrated in the first week of October to commemorate the achievements of organized labour in implementing the eight-hour workday that we enjoy today. Since Australians prefer to celebrate the Labour Day week with their near and dear ones, what can be better than taking a road trip with your dearest furry pal?

Road trips are fun for sure, but when your pet is tagging along, ensuring their safety can be a tad bit of a task. Sometimes, pets tend to get restless and may act to put themselves in danger, like hanging out of the window or jumping in your lap to distract you from driving. Not to forget the concerns about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the leisurely road trip will start to sound quite stressful.

In order to help you have a safe and memorable road trips with your pet, we thought of listing down a few safety tips for road trip with your pets. Take a look before you embark on creating remarkable memories on this Labour Day:

10 Ultimate Road Safety Tips to Follow While Driving with Your Pets

  1. Pack up enough food and water. It is essential to provide nutritious meals and freshwater to pets to keep them healthy during transit.
  2. Before you embark on a road trip with your pet, it is imperative to tick off a checklist for all your pet’s essentials. You should be carrying medicines, leash, collar, feeding bowls, litter box, poop bags, toys, treats, anxiety relievers, vaccination certificates, medical records, a pet first aid kit and all other important pet supplies.
  3. Don’t let your pet roam freely in the car. If you have a small pet, put them in a carrier, and in the case of large dogs, let them have their own seat, but don’t forget to restrain them properly with the seatbelts.
  4. Don’t let your pet hang their heads outside the window. You might get tempted to recreate that iconic movie scene, but it is advisable to not let their heads out.
  5. Ensure that your accommodation or lodging is pet-friendly. Many hotels and resorts don’t allow pets fearing the complaints of other customers, whereas a pet-friendly hotel will have all the facilities that your Fido needs and will welcome your furry friend with open hearts.
  6. Beware of fleas and ticks. Going outdoors with your pet means inviting annoying parasites to come settle down on them, unless your pet is covered with monthly flea and tick treatments.
  7. Keep your dog entertained. Long road trips can take a toll on pets, and so it is essential to keep them engaged. Take your pet’s favorite toys, pet food and treats to keep their excitement levels up.
  8. Take enough breaks. Everyone needs breaks when they are cooped up in the car for an extended period of time, and the same goes true for pets. Map out spots for breaks beforehand so that you can relax and freshen up for the rest of the journey.
  9. Microchip your pet. It is indispensable to keep your pet’s identification up to date. Make sure your pet’s ID tags are updated and get your pet microchipped if you haven’t already as it increases the chances of your pet reuniting in case they’re lost.
  10. Take some practice drives. Our pets feel safe in the familiar environment, so practicing a few small rides around the city before the actual trip will reduce the chance of developing anxiety in pets.

Happy Labour Day!                                                                                        

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Have a great Labour Day Week y’all!

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