Celebrate this Christmas with Your Furry Companion
Celebrate this Christmas with Your Furry Companion
Have you ever noticed your cat or dog looking around as the rest of the family opens their Christmas presents? While our four-legged friends may not understand what’s going on, they do recognize that everyone is happy, in a good mood, and celebrating. So, this holiday season, remember to include your pets in your family’s festivities!

Here are a few ideas you can include to celebrate this Christmas with your furry companion:

Bring Your Dog To A Christmas Light Display

Dogs enjoy car rides, and adding a Christmas light display will make it even more enjoyable for your pet and the entire family. There are numerous drive-through Christmas light displays throughout the city area that begin in early December. If you don’t want to take your pet around a large group of cars and people, you can choose a few neighborhoods that get into the Christmas spirit to drive around.

Make Ornaments With Animal Themes

Custom ornaments of any kind are now available online and in a variety of stores. Take a family photo with your pets to use as a Christmas tree ornament. You can even take a few pics with your pets and place them in front of the tree to make an ornament for next year. In case you’re wondering, these make excellent gifts for pet parents.

Make A Special Treat For Your Pet

Because the holidays are a time for special treats for humans, why not do the same for your pet? Bring out your cat’s fancy wet food, or make a healthy snack that any pet will enjoy. Even a can of tuna will put your pet in the holiday spirit!

Wrap Your Gifts

Does this sound like something a pet would be interested in? A pet adores “assisting” in the wrapping of Christmas presents. Wrap everything on the floor to make it easier for your pet to supervise. Buy some extra bows for your pet to bat around, but keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t eat anything it shouldn’t.

Create A Christmas Card For Your Family

Include photographs of your pets in your annual Christmas card. If the pet does not like being still for photos, take them while they are lying down. You can choose to dress your pet, but we only recommend it if the pet enjoys it.

Allow Them To Unwrap A Few Gifts

Purchase and wrap gifts for your pets. Our four-legged companion loves to stock up the gift at their safe marked place. After the rest of the family has opened their gifts, assist them in unwrapping theirs.

Small details during the holidays have a way of becoming must-dos. Incorporating your pets as much as possible will help the family remember these holiday memories with joy and laughter. Just remember to follow safety precautions and know what your pet is capable of, and you’ll all have a great time this holiday season.

Wish You All A Paws-itively Amazing Merry Christmas From Everyone At Vetsupply!