Are you feeding right to your Pregnant Dog?
Are you feeding right to your Pregnant Dog?
Caring for someone you love is always amazing and if you see the multiplication of that loved one then that is really an amazing feeling. Having a dog is just fantabulous and knowing the fact that your dog is going to have more puppies is just an add-on to the existing happiness.

But, the way everything is relatable, even this great piece of happiness requires utmost care before they deliver the set of puppies, and feeding right to the pregnant dog is really important and a crucial duty that you must not skip by any chance. It is the greatest concern to feed with proper nutrition so as to make the pregnancy duration appropriate and the birth procedure comfortable.

For you, it might be the happiness of little puppies, but for its mother, it is a process going through with lots of things at a time.

So, how do you actually help in the procedure to make it convenient and less painful?

1.   Analyse your pet properly is obese or normal. This is the major factor creating the problem as an obese dog has less energy which is not good for its newborn’s health.

2.   Be aware of your dog breed. Different breeds require a different set of energy levels. A giant dog will always need higher energy levels. So feed as per its body weight and body requirement.

3.   You have to be constantly available for your female dog for those 9 weeks of pregnancy as she frequently faces hormonal changes throughout its body.

4.   You have to keep a proper note of its diet to have an adequate level of protein required, carbohydrates and fats.

5.   Never compromise on the quality of its feeding food. We do not deny the fact that homemade food is good. But at this peak time, you should never compromise. A packed food from good brands with all the nutritional values must be given at the right time.

6.   Feed on the proper pet supplements. While your pet is feeding his little ones through his diet you must keep a special check if they are missing on any of the supplements and if they have any particular deficiency. Fulfill the right amount of deficiency to keep her fit.

These are the foremost important things to work on till the day you see little puppies.

A Pro Tip: While a female dog is pregnant she can be well fed with puppy food. A portion of puppy food is fundamentally formulated with a highly rich nutrient level to help the proper growth of a small puppy and this food is eventually helpful for pregnant dogs as well.

Once your happy caring dog delivers small, little puppies in this universe you even need to care more than previous, and to help you out well you can order a combo of puppy essentials. We just want to make your pregnant and puppyhood easy and memorable.