Texas P is here with "No Promo"!
Texas P is here with "No Promo"!
"No Promo" by Texas P is on heavy rotation, call and request the hot new single today!

"NoPromo" by Texas P is on heavy rotation, call and request the hot newsingle today!


Fromthe outset, Texas P's single spread for his new release "No Promo"could intently help one to remember what the craftsman Jay-Z would do in hiswork of art plans. The new single "No Promo" is telling individualshe is a lord! Which totally speaks to the melodious substance of the tune.Texas P's melodic impacts incorporate Stevie Wonder, Ghetto Boys, UGK, 2 Pac,Notorious BIG, Luther Vandross and Barry White giving the range to turn into anexceptional craftsman in the music business!


The"No Promo" is released under the mark Aggravated Entertainment LLC.In any case, Aggravated Entertainment LLC has joined forces with StrTeamEnt/Universal Music Group. Texas P's stream is excellent over an exceptionallysubstantial beat for more than satisfying conveyance over Ayo Rizzicomposition. Texas P has a blended sound of the south in with a spot of theBronx, New York. This leads one to state the popular rhyme "if wasn't forthe Bronx this rap $Hit presumably would not be going on". He has a blend ofLudacris, Eminem, Jay-z and Busta Rhymes' base of stream, verses, andexecution. The "No Promo" single is letting individuals who are notgenuine about what they do in their vocation would never contend in this musicindustry! Be that as it may, Texas P's blend doesn't question his south andupper east foundation. The single "No Promo" will be debut on BET JAMand VH1! So who is he?


TexasP conceived as (Terelle Harris Sr.) a local of Fort Worth, TX, began his musicprofession in 2001. He marked a little administration organization in the DMVregion. He framed the gathering TBC (Texas Baltimore Connection) with anotherTexas rapper Donnie M, Baltimore rapper Micheal "Hard Knoxx"Valentine, Derek "Poison" Stevenson, and Tony "Scar" Ross.


In2002, Texas P released his presentation collection "Stonewall"including the single "Hit Me Up" delivered by The Triangle Group atStudio City, Hollywood, CA. While under administration he opened up forcraftsmen, for example, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Freeway, Peedi Crack, Young Gunners (Chrisand Neef), Dru Hill, Bow Wow and B2K.


In2003, C.E.O/Artist of Aggravated Entertainment, Texas P moved to Lebanon, PA tobuild his music career. In 2004, Texas P released and delivered his secondcollection "Hit'em Up the Mixtape Volume 1 Ft. DJ Arab", in Lebanon,PA. From that point forward, Texas P has released extra performance tasks, forexample, "Hit'em Up the Mixtape Volume 2 Ft. DJ Double ii" (2006),"I Want To Be A Millionaire Ft. DJ Arab" with the single "BillionaireFt. Bruno Mars"(2010), "I'm A Rider Ft. Swizz Beatz and JuniorReid" (2013), "Don't Change Ft. Jelly Roll" (2014),"Problems Ft. Reek Da Villian"(2014), "Unforgiven" (2016)and the freshest hit single of "I'm So Hot Ft. Ivelice" (2018).


TexasP has forthcoming meetings on the world-fame stations 105.1(New York), this50,Hot97 (New York) and others to ensure the best accomplishment for the new hotdischarge "No Promo".


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