Six Areas Where AWS Can Help Healthcare Transform Their Business and Patient Care
Six Areas Where AWS Can Help Healthcare Transform Their Business and Patient Care
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Six Areas Where AWS Can Help Healthcare Transform Their Business and Patient Care

To deliver patient-centeric care, organizations in the heavily-regulated healthcare industry—from providers and payers to healthtech—need to increase the pace of innovation and unlock the potential of data, while keeping health information secure and private.

AWS offers a broad portfolio of cloud services and partner solutions engineered to help health organizations deliver better patient outcomes, while accelerating digitization and use of their data.

For the past fifteen years AWS and a dedicated teams of healthcare professionals have collaborated with health organizations and industry experts to design and deploy solutions with a one central goal in mind: improving patient outcomes.

I. Clinical Systems

Patient-centric care depends on reliable clinical systems that provide healthcare providers with the insights and tools they need to improve patient outcomes. Using AWS solutions that collect, store, manage and share data across the continuum of care, healthcare organizations can save on costs, improve performances, and automate routine core processes, effectively removing burdens from clinicians and improving patient care.

Electronic Health Records: Teleglobal works with healthcare providers to incorporate AWS EHR solutions to improve clinical, financial applications using next-gen tech like NLP, ML and Voice to reduce the burden on administration and improve the experience for both patient and clinician.

Medical Imaging: Improving quality of medical images demands equally high capacity for storage and access to imaging data. Teleglobal can help you address expanding storage needs by migrating images to the cloud. Result: lower total cost and enhanced ability to derive insights that optimize patient care

Clinical Genomics

With AWS and AWS Partner solutions you can unearth insights in genomics that can help diagnoses and treatment for patients.

II. Analytics & AI/ML

Data is a resourse and AWS and its Partner’s solutions provide analytics and ML tools to hep healthcare organizations glean insights from their data. Leverage AWS’s services for vision, transcription, NLP, and ML platform to address a range of issues from controlling healthcare costs to mitigating staff burnout.

Reporting on Key Metrics

Utilize AWS analytic tools for transparent reporting on metrics that can help organizations monitor and manage quality of care, from reducing re-admissions to eliminating hospital-acquired complications to meeting regulation compliances.

Optimizing Operations

Optimizing operations will help drive down healthcare waste and thus costs. AWS & partners offer solutions, services and support to help organizations from optimizing their asset utilization to meeting quality and safety standards.

Predicting Disease Risks

Using AWS and partner solutions, clinicians and their organizations can analyze data across sustems, store the data and use it to build risk prediction models that will help improve disease prediction and enable preventative health measures.

Population Health

Using AWS & its partner’s solutions, organizations can generate actionable insights in real time, thereby improving efforts in improving population health.

Third Party Analytics

Services like AWS Data Exchange (in AWS Marketplace) enables customers to search, subscribe and use 3rd party data sets in the cloud in their efforts to improve analytics and ML.

III. Patient & Clinician Experience

 From reducing clinician burnout (through voice-to-text-solutions, for example) to offering patients access to virtual care, AWS solutions, including real-time voice and video comms, AI/ML, and personalization empower organizations to scale, innovate and improve experiences for both patient and clinician.

Virtual Care: Solutions like intelligent call centers, chatbots and remote monitoring offer a digital entryway to support patient engagement. AWS and AWS partners provide realtime, omni-channel-engagement and tools that harness AI/ML to create virtual healthcare experiences that delight.

Improving the Clinician’s Experience

AWS & AWS partners solutions—automated speech recognition, for instance—to streamline clinicial workflows—by providing quick access to information—reduce clinical burnout.

IV. Medical Research

Cost-effective, scalable, and secure, AWS’s compute, storage, and database muscle can shorten research-to-results timelines, by allowing researchers to analyze massive data sets, store the data, and leverage transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) to analyse and innovate and collaborate with other specialists across the world.

Finance and Operations

AWS offers solutions custom-created for healthcare organizations’ finance and operations that help them proactively identify ways to restructure/control costs, ultimately empowering them to put patients, customers, and partners first, without compromising the bottom line.

V. ERP Solutions

Solutions built specifically for health organizations’ finance and operations proactively identify ways to restructure costs while keeping them aligned to operational expenses. This way, organizations can put patients, customers, and partners without weakening their bottom lines.

Enterprise Resource Planning

AWS ERP solutions provide data to run and manage critical applications, such as finance, marketing, and HR for healthcare. AWS and AWS Partners provide fast, easy access to the huge cloud-based computing power organizations need to manage their revenue cycle.

Revenue & Claims

Healthcare organizations need solutions for collection and revenue management that support payment integrity, claims processing and operational efficiency. AWS and its Partners’ solutions allow organizations to structure medical & claims data quickly and accurately.

VI. Healthcare’s IT Health

In an industry where time is always of the essence, AWS helps maintain core IT health, without complying with global standards for  security and operations. Solutions include easy deployment of disaster recovery, meeting storage needs scalably, and improving operational efficiency across the board.