10 Best Chabot Apps Powered by AI in 2020
10 Best Chabot Apps Powered by AI in 2020
Chatbots are becoming a part of normal digital life, as they enlarge on messaging platforms and are launched as digital supporters by the largest technology companies.

10 Best Chabot Apps Powered by AI in 2020

Chatbotsare becoming a part of normal digital life, as they enlarge on messagingplatforms and are launched as digital supporters by the largest technologycompanies. There is a varied range of chatbots available to help you checkfinance dealings or the weather, establish travel or buy goods. Here we Discuss10 Best chatbot apps. 

What is the Chatbot App?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can puton a conversation with a user in natural language over messagingapplications, mobile apps, websites, or through thephone.

Why chatbots are important?

A chatbot is often defined as one of the most innovative andpromising expressions of communication between persons and machines. In a pointof technical view, a chatbot only indicates the natural development of aquestion and answering system called Natural Language Processing (NLP). Theyoffer new opportunities to increase user engagement and process efficiency byreducing the cost of service. Formulating replies to questions in naturallanguage is one of the most characteristic Examples of Natural LanguageProcessing useful in various enterprises’ end-use applications.


Best AI-Powered Chatbot Apps


 – a Smart Fitness &Training Coach plus Nutritionist

Lark is a familiar, conversational,smart and interactive modern fitness app used to track your health and fitness.Lark is nobody like ordinary regular health & fitness apps that interactwith your device’s in-built sensors and request exact inputs to progression thedata.


One of the prettiest lookingchatbots which look accurately like a soft-looking penguin. This is agoal-oriented chatbot, which can serve as your happiness buddy at tough ordemanding times. Being an AI-based, expressively intelligent chatbot, thisworks to be a release to people who are twisted up with worries.


Your Best Personal Shopping Assistant Chatbot you need help, asoccasionally we all do, while shopping around, Mona is there to assist yougenerally. Mona chatbot is oneof the most common shopping assistants in the market, Mona isfrom earlier Amazon-connected software and mobile appdevelopment experts.

PRISMA -AI-PoweredPhoto Editor

Prisma is an AI-powered photo editor app launched in 2017.Downloaded other than 100+ million times, Prisma used AI to alter photos intoworks of art. Created by the creative team and released just a month after theapp, the Prisma chatbot aims to distribute the same experience as the app,conversationally.


Jabberwacky isa web-based AI chatbot app that aims to imitate people’s conversation inentertaining, attractive and comic style. The AI chatbot app gained the admiredLoebner award from 2004 to 2006.


Replika is a user friendly chatbot app, With this AI chatbot app,you can talk for long hours deprived of receiving bored. In this AI chatbotapp, you can create a computer-generated character of the bot and interrelatewith it as if there is a human on the other side.

Nancy Chatbot

An artificial intelligence chatbot that has the proficiency tostimulate intellectual conversation with users. Nancy is a bot who mainly likesspeaking about music, movies, reading books, etc.


Cleverbot isa web-based AI chatbot app which learns from its interactions with users. .This bot was launched in 1997 and has since started chats with more than 65million users and is demanded to be the most ‘human-like’ bot.




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