Why did my website traffic goes down?
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We believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing, focusing on the combination of SEO and PPC Advertising. While SEO and PPC are different in several aspects, they do have some similarities. Many businesses often handle SEO and PPC as separate digital marketing strategy, but both methods aim to drive traffic to a website. While one does this through paid ads and the other through the organic SEO process, the outcome remains the same. Both SEO and PPC strategies are used to increase leads, market exposure, and conversions. It's almost difficult for most companies to choose between SEO and PPC, simply because the two work really well together to drive search success. So, we at Jacksonville SEO while working on digital marketing Jacksonville have discovered many ways that how SEO and PPC can work together to drive growth. And some of them are visibility, keyword symbiosis, retargeting, run ads and use data to inform your organic content strategy, own Brand Bidding, using shopping ads to target buyers. These methods might obtain far greater business results by combining these two strategies. Read more: https://slashdot.org/submission/13517478

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