Instagram Introduces New NFT Feature: Explore About Instagram NFTs
Instagram Introduces New NFT Feature: Explore About Instagram NFTs
Here you can know about how NFT might transform Instagram.

In the fierce competition with Youtube and some other social media giants, the Instagram is not lacking innovation. Conceding that, Instagram has now decided to leverage the NFTs and has planned to introduce new feature, the Instagram NFTs.

Now let us explore what kind of changes does NFTs hold for Instagram.


What are NFTs on Instagram?


The integration of NFTs on Instagram allows its users to showcase their own NFTs on their Insta feeds. And it also the creators to pin their self-created NFTs in line with their other images posted on their Instagram account.


How NFTs Work on Instagram?


Every Instagram users can connect their Insta account to their crypto wallet, then they will be able to easily showcase their own NFTs on Instagram. Currently, the Instagram might support a few popular Crypto wallets like Coinbase, Metamask, Trust wallet, and Rainbow wallet. And this testing phase only supports the NFTs built on Ethereum, Polygon and Flow networks.


Can The Users Mint NFTs on Instagram?


As of now, the users can just showcase their NFTs on Instagram. Meta is currently in the testing phase regarding the process of minting and Selling NFTs on Instagram. These minting & trading options on Instagram can let to the further addition of new features on storing and showcasing Instagram Digital Collectibles & can even make this platform as Instagram NFT Marketplace.


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