The hidden dog fence is a thousand times better than conventional fencing systems. If you have saved the tutorials for an easy, quick and inexpensive dog fence on YouTube, then you should certainly delete it from the playlist after reading this post.

Do you have a dog who loves to explore the neighbourhood?

Are you having a tough time dealing with your dog’scuriosity?

Are you searching for an effective solution to keep your furry friend confined?


If yes, then you must try out the invisible fence.


The hidden dog fence is a thousand times better than  conventional fencing systems. If you  have saved the tutorials for an easy, quick and inexpensive dog fence on YouTube, then you should certainly delete it from the playlist after reading this post.


Traditional boundaries are plain ugly and ineffective. An alternative to poles, posts, plastic nets and a million zip-ties is the pet electric fence. It is actually an electronic containment system though it is commonly known as a dog electric fence.


Millions of pet parents across Australia recommend using modern hidden fences for their cats and dogs.


  • The installation is easy and cost-efficient
  • No need to bury and can be installed quickly
  • The higher quality models comes with a lifetime warranty


The concept behind the modern and innovative pet containment solutions is to ‘do it once and do it right’.


Rather than building a 6 feet tall fence and then keep repairing the loopholes, you can invest in a safe and sound solution to keep your pets within the premises.


How does the dog fence work?

A wire is installed at the boundary which  electronically connects through a transmitter. The system is activated via a signal receiver which is installed on the dog collar. When a dog approaches the boundary, the collar receiver sends electronic stimulations to warn the dog about its limits.


How much does a dog fence cost?

Stay away from cheap imports. They are not waterproof, the battery exhausts quickly and they are not even effective all the time. When you investin a high-end product, the cost is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, but the investment is worth it.

There are some app-enabled modern solutions with countless features, whereas some budget friendly dog electric fence kits are also available. Providing an exact estimate is difficult, but it can be said that if you opt for a proven product that complies with EMCA standards, you get a lifetime equipment warranty. Spending on an electronic dog fence is definitely going to cost a lot less compared to traditional diy dog fencing systems that are prone to wear and tear and need repair every season.


How to make an inexpensive hidden dog fence?

You can DIY a pet containment system by investing in a dog electric fence kitResist the urge to shop for inexpensive supplies at  Bunnings. It is best to pick a readymade electric dog fence kit from a reputed brand to get access to money back guarantee and lifetime equipment warranty.


Hidden Fence provides a high quality, trusted and compliant DIY electronic dog fence kit which is a much better alternative to antiquated electric dog fence containment systems. Pet parents are asked to fill in the basic details to get a custom-made, inexpensive and value for money fencing system. All you need to share is the number of dogs, size and colour of the collar, and the length of the boundary cable. You can also opt for professional installation - the charges are going to be extra but are totally worth it.


The best part: you can save money by choosing the desired length of boundary cable and choice of product features and warranties. Visit the link given below to customise a value for money pet containment system for your furry friend.