All About The Baker’s Dozen Sourdoughs
All About The Baker’s Dozen Sourdoughs
Families who treasure and value the goodness of sourdough are starting to recognise and utilise the name, The Baker’s Dozen. The dough for sourdough bread is fermented with yeast and wild lactobacilli.

The Baker’s Dozen brings you the beloved sourdough in a real-life avatar. Our consumers prefer the timeless classic. Although the surface may feel crusty, the interior is completely soft.

We didn’t add any chemicals or preservatives to keep it healthy and safe for kids. Using our Freshlock technology, taste bread that is still warm from the oven.

We pay close attention to each and every one of the essential elements of an artisan loaf, including the choice of flour, the duration of fermentation, and the method of baking. Wholewheat bread is made with great care in our artisan loaves. All About The Baker’s Dozen Sourdoughs