How To Do Baby Face Makeup?
How To Do Baby Face Makeup?
Who wouldn’t want an angelic, pure face like a baby? In a few countries like Korea and Thailand, this ‘Baby Face’ make-up is quite popular.

Who wouldn’t want an angelic, pure face like a baby? In a few countries like Korea and Thailand, this ‘Baby Face’ make-up is quite popular. It is essentially makeup that makes young women’s faces appear to be that of a cherubic baby. It is a very easy makeup to put up and requires hardly any ingredients. Those who usually do not like spending hours in front of the mirror gaining layers of make-up would find this ideal. Get the beauty products at LakmeIndia.


To find out how to do your Baby Face makeup, have a look at this post!


First of all, you must moisturize your face. The required complexion is supposed to be dewy but matte. So put your concealer on elements of that person that show signs of aging. Use a concealer on blemishes, acne or puffiness beneath the cheeks. Blend the concealer with the rest of the face.



You usually put foundation around your face in all types of makeup. But not in that one. You intend to avoid a cakey look, so dot your foundation on regions of your face that require it the most. Blend it making use of your fingers. In fact, it is best to employ a CC cream instead of foundation or BB cream. This can help you capture the dewy look of a baby. Blend from the guts of the facial skin towards the outer edges.



Now that you have the bottom in place, it's time to seal it with a powder. The powder not merely helps achieve the matte look, but also keeps the cosmetic in place. If you don’t want to dull the shininess of the base with a powder, apply the powder along your jaw line and edge of the forehead. This will stop your hair from sticking to your face.



Babies have pinkish and lavender cheeks a bronzer or a normal blush cannot capture. However, a lavender tinted blush can capture its essence. If you can locate a lavender blush, dot the powder on your cheekbones. Now making use of your brush, blend the blush in straight strokes from the guts towards the ear. You need to remember that the blush ought to be barely there. Otherwise you would appear to be an asphyxiated blue baby.



You must know that babies hardly ever have straight, thin brows. But also for Baby Face makeup, additionally you usually do not want a bushy, unkempt brow. So this is actually the trick - when you have thin, well tended eyebrows, use mascara on your own eyebrows to fluff them up a little. Then use a pencil of the same color to draw around the border of the eyebrows to create it appear thicker. If you curently have thick brows, use an eyebrow comb to arrange your eyebrows in a neat shape. The arch of the eyebrow in Baby Face cosmetic should not be pretty much straight and should not be too much time. So use your tools to create your eyebrow appear as natural as possible.



You don't use any eyeliner in Baby Face makeup because kids seldom have thick eyelashes. But to provide your tired eyelids a good start, you need to use eyeshadow. Use an all natural eyeshadow, a color that best suits your skin layer color. A pink shimmer eyeshadow adds an angelic touch to the facial skin. That is for the eyelid. For under the eye, use tiny spots of brown eyeshadow on the outer edge of the attention and blend. On the inner edge, a little dab of champagne glitter looks nice.


Baby Lips

In the event that you regularly moisturize your lips, simply a coat of Baby Lips will do. But if you defect upon this moisturizing routine regularly, you should scrub the flaky skin first. Apply a pink or orange lip tint on your own scrubbed bare lips.