Construction Timelapse Specialists In Australia | Construction Photography
Construction Timelapse Specialists In Australia | Construction Photography
Fully managed HD Timelapse camera service for the construction and mining industries. Our camera system is 3G enabled and solar powered.

Construction Timelapse Specialists

Why Timelapse is Critical for the Construction Industry?

For the construction industry, timelapse cameras are an excellent monitoring, marketing, and stakeholder engagement tool - using timelapse photography and video – to capture, monitor, and showcase key construction projects. New advanced features are helping project managers, construction managers, marketing, and community engagement professionals tell the success of their projects.


C3X is the best construction  timelapse photography & Videograph specialists in Australia. We take professional pictures of your projects that can be used for marketing & sales purposes. Our C3X timelapse technology solutions are being deployed with all key industries

Using Australia's most advanced timelapse camera, we’re with you rain, hail, or shine. Auto-Generate an instant timelapse video and footage of recent site activity for your next key meeting, all at your fingertips. Our timelapse experts and video editors are on hand to help turn your timelapse footage into a polished project showcase video, with drone and stakeholder interviews for key construction milestones. Install a few timelapse cameras with C3X and we’ll help you tell the story of your project success, and impress your key stakeholders!

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Monitor Your Projects with Australia’s Most Advanced Timelapse Camera. Deploy multiple units on a single project for greater site coverage, the field of view, and construction monitoring. Complete control in one single dashboard.

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