When It Comes To Your Skin, Compromise Is A NO, NO!
When It Comes To Your Skin, Compromise Is A NO, NO!
A unique brush set from an artist who has trained hundreds of top Makeup Artists in India and worldwide!

Meenakshi Dutt developed 29 brushes for the MDM brush kit based on her 23 years of expertise. Perfected, examined, and proven specifically for the wide range of Indian faces. A blusher brush, a small contour brush, a powder brush, a foundation brush, and other brushes are included in the set. To complete your makeup with silky hair on every brush, you'll need all 29 brushes!

It includes a nice pouch to carry all the meetings! Every brush has a particular purpose, and these brushes, produced with high-quality natural/synthetic hair, are a must-have for any wannabe Makeup Artist or self-makeup enthusiast. A unique brush set from an artist who has trained hundreds of top Makeup Artists in India and worldwide!

  • Let’s see in detail what makeup brushes by Meenakshi Dutt do and are specialized for!
  • Flat fan brush 019- for highlighting, creases smoothing, and small area contours.
  • Tiny eyeliner brush 001 - for use in the inner eye area and for fine detailing (eyes only).
  • Spoolie brush + pointy brush 002- for shaping and combing brows
  • A little lip brush 003-  for defining the lip line.
  • Lip brush 005 - filling in the lips.
  • Tapered medium 006-bending eye shadow brush for applying and blending smoothly.
  • Tiny flat brush 007- for eyeshadow and eyeshadow cut and crease.
  • Large blend eyeshadow brush 009 for evenly blending several colors; may also be used to blend nose contour.
  • Pencil brush 010 for blending lower lash line shades and applying eye makeup in the inner corners.
  •  A long, fluffy, bending eyeshadow brush 011 for blending cut crease shadows.
  • With cream or powder foundation products, the 012 - half fan brush may be used to trim creases, apply highlighter beneath the brow, and contour the nose.
  • Long fluffy blending brush 013 for multipurpose regions such as the eyes, lips, and cheeks.
  • Flat synthetic eyeshadow brush 015 for dabbing on metallic and glitter eyeshadows in tiny areas.

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