6 Tips for Healthy-Looking Holiday Nails
6 Tips for Healthy-Looking Holiday Nails
Wondering how to keep your nails looking healthy and festive this holiday season? Some simple steps to protect your nails during the colder months can help, like being gentle with your nails while buffing them. Wearing gloves outside and moisturizing your cuticles can also help keep your nails looking great. And don’t forget to use a base coat and gel top coat for your fun, festive mani.

Painting your nails in festive colors is an easy way to get into the holiday spirit. And with so many nail polish colors out there, the creative nail possibilities are endless. But before you paint your nails a festive shade of green or red, how can you limit the damage done to your nails during the hectic holiday hustle and bustle? Here are some tips on how to keep your nails looking healthy and festive this holiday season.

1. Be Gentle with Your Nails

The busy holiday season puts enough strain on your nails, so be gentle with your nail care tools. A buffing board can help smooth out uneven ridges, but don’t overdo it. Buffing too often or too hard can weaken and thin the nails. Instead, buff lightly about once a month to keep your nails looking healthy and fabulous.

2. Wear Gloves in Cold Weather

Wearing gloves during the colder months will help minimize the exposure of your nails to harsh elements. Cold weather is particularly hard on nails because the dry cold can make nails more brittle and prone to breakage. Plus, wearing gloves will add an extra layer of protection to your manicure.

3. Use Hydrating and Non-Drying Nail Care Products

It’s important to use hydrating and non-drying nail care products, especially during the dry, colder months. Be sure to apply a cuticle oil treatment to help hydrate and nourish your cuticles. You should also ensure your fingernail polish remover is acetone-free. An acetone-free fingernail polish remover works without drying out the nail. A high-quality fingernail polish remover can also help prep and clean the nail surface to extend the life of your chosen color.

4. Apply a Base and Top Coat

Remember to apply a base coat to your nails to give your polish something to adhere to, making your manicure last longer. A base coat also reduces the risk of unsightly staining of the nails. In addition to starting with a base coat, don’t forget to finish your mani with a high-quality gel top coat. This layer helps to seal in your color and reduce chipping.

5. Limit Polish Changes

While it might be tempting to change your polish with each holiday ensemble, try to limit your polish changes to no less than 10 days. The process of removing and reapplying nail polish too frequently can dry out your nails. Opt for touch-ups instead of complete removal to help extend the duration of your beautiful holiday nails.

6. Upgrade to Clean Beauty Products

To ensure healthy-looking nails, avoid beauty products that contain potentially harsh ingredients. Look for premium vegan nail care products powered by nature, not chemicals. Using nail care products containing a naturally derived base formula without colorants is best. The same goes for your skin. Try switching to mineral makeup to help enhance your holiday makeover.

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