Fresh & Latest Circle Mehendi Designs That We Absolutely LOVE!
Fresh & Latest Circle Mehendi Designs That We Absolutely LOVE!
Dubai is the city of possibilities, and the cool & child climate of Dubai during the months of November & December are the perfect months for engagements & marriages to be held.

 It is the best time of the year for weddings to be conducted & finding an artist who can craft some beautiful henna tattoo in Dubai is something every wedding planner are looking for. Nishi Metha with her team Henna by Nishi is a team of professionally trained best henna artists in Dubai that crave out some of the most beautiful Dubai Arabic Mehndi Designs.





Mehendi which originates from the ancient Indian culture is the art of creating beautiful, creative designs on different body parts. In olden times kings & queens wore Mehendi designs to showcase their royalty & pride. As the culture became more democratic the powerful state men & noblemen of high status wore designer Mehendi designs to showcase their wealth & high status.

 Finally today in modern times Mehendi designs are popularly known as henna tattoos in Dubai, & across different countries in the world. Women wear henna tattoos with pride as it helps them look more beautiful, adorable & pleasing to the eyes. Mehendi & Henna are the same but just given different names, in recent times the word henna tattoos are the most popular word for Mehendi designs.


There is a wide range of popular Mehendi designs or henna tattoo designs available, the dark-shaded henna designs look more highlighting and contrasting on the white Arabic moon-colored skin of women in Dubai. Dubai Arabic Mehndi designs are the most trending Mehendi designs for engagements & weddings in Dubai.

Top Latest Circle Mehendi Designs You Will Fall In Love

Mehendi designs also popularly known as henna tattoos in Dubai are very popular for engagements & weddings in Dubai.

The brides in Dubai are incomplete until they wear a henna tattoo for their wedding, Nishi Metha & team are the best henna tattoo designers in Dubai. We shed the light on some of the top circle mehndi designs you would love to crave on your skin for upcoming functions, parties, engagements, or weddings.

Circle Designer Mehendi

As it goes with the name, the circle designer Mehendi is a simple circle that contains more circles within a bigger circle. Within the circle, the designer can draw a flower design,  art, initials, or something unique according to the will of the client. The simple circle Mehendi designs are very common, you can crave it on your fists, hands, palms & on your feet. The best is when you crave some initials of your loved ones on your circle Mehendi design.

Circle Flower Designer Mehendi

The flower Mehendi designs have been used for a long time in Indian culture. Flower designs look very beautiful & attractive, pleasing to the eyes these flower designs look very highlighting on the whitish Arab skin. A circle flower designer Mehendi consists of a circle that contains a beautiful flower or multiple flowers in and around the circle. Drawing a beautiful circle flower designer Mehendi on your palms feet will look very attractive & pleasing to the eyes.

Bangle Circle Mehendi Designs

Bangles are one of the most decorative articles, & bangle mehndi designs look very pleasing when the bride wears a set of beautiful red or green bangles. Bangle Mehendi designs are like a delicate round stroke around your wrists, arms & palms which get highlighted when you wear a beautiful set of bangles even if you don't, the bangle Mehendi design does the job as it looks just like pairs of bangles on your hands.

Circle Flowers & Leaves Mehendi Designs

The Arabic culture henna designs are mostly made of flowers, leaves, camels, stars & various Arabic cultural designs found in the architecture of Arab buildings. The flowers & leaves of Mehendi are designed to originate from the Arabic culture & are very pleasing to the eyes as they contrast well with the whitish Arabic skin. The flower designs suit well with the bride on her wedding day.

Best Henna Designer In Dubai

Nishi Metha is the best henna artist in Dubai she also is a certified Mehendi artist, & with her professional team of henna tattoo designers, her team is Henna By Nishi. The team of Henna By Nishi is a group of highly trained, skilled, certified & professional henna designers that crave some of the most beautiful henna tattoos in Dubai. Nishi Metha is a professionally certified Henna artist, & is the top Mehendi artist in Dubai providing a wide range of Mehendi designing services for birthdays, parties, engagements & weddings all under one roof. Henna By Nishi promises to be the team of the best henna artists in Dubai, providing Mehendi designing services at competitive prices. Feel free to connect with Henna By Nishi today for the best henna tattoos in Dubai.