What are the traits and causes of encephalitis?
Depending upon the condition of the body, the major symptoms of encephalitis can be detected through fever, headache, nausea, and mild body pains.

This is starting symptoms of encephalitis but later on, if the condition goes worse and increases then the patient experiences fatigue, neck pain, and some other body joint pain. The final and last stage of encephalitis is very dangerous and close to life-threatening where the patient affected and experienced loss of hearing, loss of speech, and coma.

If we discuss the minor or infants then encephalitis affects in the form of lack of appetite, marks on the skull, and vomiting.

Detecting encephalitis at the right time in children is necessary rather than young. Check the nerves and skull of children from time to time and always be aware of the fever.

After crossing the deadline it can be the cause of big harm to the body, so keeping the necessary points in mind taking care of infants on a regular basis is the primary cure to skip encephalitis. Annually vaccinated systems like measles and chickenpox can be the best prevention to downgrade the rate of encephalitis. Try to maintain the immune system of children in such a way so that no viral infection affects the body.