Wall Art Ideas for Every Blank Spot in Your Home and office!
Wall Art Ideas for Every Blank Spot in Your Home and office!
Wall Art Ideas for Every Blank Spot in Your Home and office!

Wall Art Ideas for Every Blank Spot in Your Home and office!

 Wall Art Ideas for Every Blank Spot in Your Home and office!

There is no denying that we all are bored with our mundane blank and sadly coloured walls with empty spaces. These walls keep getting dirty and getting marked with oil stains and scratched not to mention the sore of eyes these blank spaces create. There is more than just the need to please one’s eyes when it comes to home décor our décor plays a deeper and more impactful part in all our lives the state of our home décor guides the mood of the house. How we choose to decorate our house with different elements and ideas from our own creative mind it enables us to think and act more freely around others as well as ourselves. Our décor also plays a major part in our mental state, a well-made fully furnished interior would encourage a happy and healthy lifestyle with an uplifted spirit and energy to conquer everyday brightly and cheerfully

8 types of wall art for every blank spot for your home

 large scale art to cover the entire area

Create a wholesome environment fit for a small area and control the ambience by installing enlarged artwork that almost entirely takes up the empty space in your wall between all the other furniture and fittings and in case there isn’t any you can go as large as you prefer. Change the entire outlook of your room by installing large scale wall art ranging from monochrome paintings of beautiful horses or huge Jackson Pollock style modern art that spreads a mesmerising aura throughout the entire space. Don’t get shy to choose an artwork that represents you completely just because the art is on a grander scale. The artwork that you choose carefully will automatically guide the environment of that space. Ganesha Wall Paintings

Paint a mural

If the artistic side of yourself is overflowing encapsulate it by painting a mural in the most open and wide wall available in your abode you can even go ahead and get professional help or lure your artistic friend to help you with promises of a treat. Having a mural like that would let you connect to your home like never before you’ll feel your personal identity being reflected through the walls and help you create a more meaningful relationship with the space you are living in. There really aren’t any cons of having murals filling up the spaces the vibrancy and joy these colourful walls add is par excellence. Wooden Wall Clocks

Use your porcelain plays in a decorative manner

Even though the trend of hanging beautiful decorative China on the walls are almost a few centuries old but still, it doesn’t seem to age, it still makes our home look fresh and finished with perfect circles and beautifully placed porcelain and chinaware. Fun to display, as well as fun to collect every set of China, looks unique as there are millions of them worldwide. From simple plates with creamy off-white colour to decorative collector’s items, these plates range in all prices and designs as well, successfully filling the artistic needs for any household. Radha Krishna Wall Paintings

Hang dream catchers in vertical spaces

Originating centuries ago, in regions of North America by the Ojibwe tribes where the custodian of all the children and adults would weave these magical web-like objects that would provide protection to the children and shield them from any harm or bad dreams that might come their way. These dream catchers share the symbol of hope and healing throughout the whole world. They also make the perfect decorative item for long vertical spaces in walls. They provide a powerful feeling of connection to mother nature and our environment.  Living room Wall Paintings

5 place a fairly large whiteboard or chalk board

Even though the usage of whiteboards as décor or dedicating an entire wall is fairly limited to businesses and educational institutions there is a myriad of benefits and usage that can be drawn out from an empty Whiteboard and a marker. Aside from all the benefits, a whiteboard will provide with children and kids around a house it is also a useful feature for adults to help them with a multitude of tasks such as listing

Provide layering to your walls with art and other items

The key to a successful rich and characterful home décor style is popularly known to be layering, layering is an art in itself on how to match different elements from different genres to go together cohesively in order to attain the perfect balance in look and feel of the décor. You can easily provide layering to your décor just by the usage of colour alone. With the blend of smooth feeling all almost natural style and components in the furniture. Layering is also done with artwork over designer wallpaper or murals to complement the style of design and creativity. Canvas Wall Paintings

 Bring back the era of wall clocks

Looking forward to adding a little functionality along with your home décor? Simple wall clocks can simply become the best range of décor items with the added bonus of functionality and creativity. Wall clocks and desk clocks are becoming obsolete with our increasing usage of phones and smartwatches. Wall clocks as décor help us connect with our roots and make our interiors look more welcoming and homely. Wall clocks also give you full freedom to work according to the theme of your choice because of the wide range of selections available at our display.  Buddha Wall Paintings


Canvas Painting keeping simple and elegant

Unequivocally canvas paintings are the most widespread and loved form of home décor in the world, people love being bedazzled by a piece of artwork, especially when it is placed in our home as a reflection of ourselves and our personality. Canvas artwork range from all shapes to all forms and design to all sizes and materials. Canvas paintings are an excellent way to diversify your assets if you are a fan of limited-edition original artwork or you are looking for an oddly shaped vertical or hexagonal décor to match with the elements or theme of the décor. Shiva Paintings

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