verification site community
verification site community
Recklessly stealing guests' plutocrat or cutting off accounts because of reservations are unconditionally designated as fiddle spots.
“ I charged 2 million won and lost everything, I charged 2 million won again to fill the rolling enough to some extent, and I pressed exchange, but indeed
. after staying for 30 twinkles, the plutocrat did n’t change. The detention continued so long that I communicated the client center and suddenly requested to attach 3 days of bankbook sale details.
I incontinently transferred the three- day report, but a phone call came in, emphasizing that I was using a VPN and had both sides, and they said that they could only return the star.
They keep saying they aren't both sides, so if both sides are verified, the plutocrat will be sequestered and they will probe for 72 hours.”
“ The first subscription charge was 25, so I charged 1 million won, but only 10 came out, so when I asked why they did n’t give me this only, I said that it would be paid after 12토토 noon hereafter, so I tried to draw it.
So I played the game without fussing about it because the rule said it was 300 rolling, and when I looked up my banning history, I got a 400 rolling, and I won3.5 million won without important rapacity and applied for currency exchange.
I could not change plutocrat, so I communicated the client service center and they said that they used a VPN and crossbets.However, they will return the star, If both sides admit it.
After 72 hours, check the videotape and exchange plutocrat, or both sides will be sequestered.
Hello. It's a food- fighting verification community eat-and- go police. There has been a fiddle in Totosite Ribbon.
A client played a live summerhouse elaboration baccarat game after a long time, and it was a fiddle after winning.
This is a typical case where the client bets were driven by both sides and the eat-and- run was carriedout.However, it's necessary 안전놀이터present accurate substantiation of both parties and to take measures similar as conserving the star except for the royalties, If the client has progressed with both parties.
Stealing the client's plutocrat for some reason is literally an act of thievery, and it proves that it's a fiddle point.
In the strip operation entrance, indeed if there's an illegal part, it's judged that the fiddle point is verified because the client's plutocrat was scammed without furnishing proper substantiation.
We ask the Strip drivers to save their guests' plutocrat as soon as possible and work hard to establish a safe laying culture.
Live summerhouse is one of the games with a veritably high cheat rate. In particular, it's delicate to check whether a client has a two- way bet or not, because utmost summerhouse operating spots use the operation of a relay company similar as Elaboration as it is.
Thus, it'll be necessary to refrain from furnishing inordinate plutocrat on Totosite itself, and after securing substantiation of both sides, it'll be necessary to restrain guests.
Recklessly stealing guests' plutocrat or cutting off accounts because of reservations are unconditionally designated as fiddle spots.
In addition, we eat and leave Indianapolis and conducts instrument system authentication, eat and leave the point in a secure laying and free bets can eat and leave from hasini eat and leave Indianapolis pukka companies would greatly 먹튀 appreciate haejusimyeon use.