Top 10 Kids Safety Tips to Celebrate the International Youth Day
Follow our 10 kids safety tips and practice with your family to create a greater youth community worldwide.

Happy International Youth Day! August 12th is dedicated to bringing awareness to the cultural and legal issues surrounding youth across the globe. Young people face a wide variety of challenges worldwide, and adults should strive to uplift them as future leaders. Cultivating a strong community of children can start now by ensuring their safety from a young age. You can take many precautions to protect your child, like creating code words, giving them the Silent Beacon personal safety device , and setting up their devices with the Silent Beacon kids safety app. Follow our 10 kids safety tips and practice with your family to create a greater youth community worldwide. 

Investing in your children’s safety starts with a few simple steps. Teaching them their essential information, downloading the Silent Beacon kids safety app and having them carry the Silent Beacon wearable panic button is a great start. For International Youth Day, support and uplift your children by teaching them safety practices they can implement in their everyday lives.

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