Tips for Photographers from Wedding MBA Classes
Tips for Photographers from Wedding MBA Classes
Tips for photographers from Wedding MBA classes and from the industry’s best photographers, business owners, and speakers!

What Happened in Vegas Can Help Photographers!

Zookbinders not only had the honor of meeting some new faces (and re-meeting some current customers) at Wedding MBA, but we also received advice from some of the industry’s best wedding photographers, business owners, and nationally renowned speakers! In case you weren’t able to make it this year, we would love to share Tips for photographers from Wedding MBA.

We are showcasing 5 speakers below, with some tips and tricks!

Vanessa Joy – Photographer and Business Owner for Vanessa Joy PhotographyLove at First LightProfessional Photographer Product Recommendation:

Profoto lights & Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro

Professional Photographer Software/Service Recommendation:


Best Photographer Advice:

For “sunset” images position the flash either behind the subject or to the side of the subject on a 45-degree angle with the light pointed between the subject and your camera. 

Vanessa Joy

Photo by Vanessa Joy Headshots

Stephen & Summer Gossett- Photographer and Business Owners for Noveli PhotographyFlash EditProduct Recommendation:

Posing CardsMagModIce Lights

Best Advice:

Cull the dreaded first – start with the selection of the wedding you dread culling the most, and cull the favorite last (as a “treat” at the end of a long culling session). Use the rating or flagging system to mark the photos you don’t want – set your filter to hide photos that are marked so you can focus on what remains. You should also “shoot for the photo album” – start thinking about how you want the wedding photo album presented and shoot images that would work best in their album.

Husband and Wife Team from Noveli Photography

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William Innes – Photographer and Business Owner for William Innes PhotographyGeared Up

His whole presentation was about amazing products, software, and services for photographers so look forward to a whole blog on this coming soon! In the meantime, here was one of our favorites: Perfectly Clear – a Plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and PaintShop Pro. According to their website, “Perfectly Clear uses intelligent image analysis to find and fix camera flaws and limitations automatically. We do what you can do manually, only faster. The software safely corrects all your photos at one time with precision and accuracy, saving photographers hours of manual work.”

William Innes

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Mark Chapman – Founder of Everett Andrew MarketingSaving FaceSoftware/Service Recommendation:

Facebook Pixel

Best Advice:

Create an ad campaign that targets lookalike photographers based on your current customers that match your ideal customers. Install Facebook Pixel to track the success of ads – nothing else but conversion matters! 

Mark Chapman from Everett Andrew Marketing

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Rob Ferre – Founder of Life of the Party EntertainmentYou Can’t Win if They Don’t PlayBest Advice:

Use Instagram and Facebook to run contests to generate your brand, use Insta Stories to promote your brand. Offer a giveaway to people who tag their friends – message those who tagged their friends and thank them (even if they didn’t win the giveaway), and message their friends tagged to create new customers. 

Rob Ferre from Life of the Party Entertainment