The New Covid Dating Trend
The New Covid Dating Trend
The New Covid Dating Trend

It’sa funny old world just now, with unprecedented and slightly bonkers behaviouron the rise everywhere. Even the most cynical among us are starting to re-thinkdaily routines as the situation deepens. But what impact is the Coronavirus(aka Covid-19) having on singles looking for some Spring to fill the air? Cuethe start of the new Covid Dating trend…


Onething that is now clear is that Covid-19 isn’t going to blow over anytime soon.Attitudes are changing and people are concerned about what’s going to happennext. This uncertainty has started to change dating habits as online datingexpert Anna Cooney explains. “Dating depends on people making new connections,contact and discovering physical attraction through contact. With these naturalbehaviours coming under fire at the moment, we’re seeing the start of a shiftthat we’re describing at the new Covid Dating Trend.”


Covid DatingExplained


TheCovid Dating Trend describes a number of different dating activities that aretaking place due to the advancing spread of Covid-19. Singles are starting tochange their approach to dating due to concerns over the transmission of thisvirus.


“It’slikely that there will be a drop in face-to-face dates taking place over thecoming weeks, as singles make conscious decisions about limiting their socialinteractions”, Anna, of online dating site explains. “Instead, singles are having to come upwith other ways to continue their dating efforts from a distance. We arestarting to see online activity between singles lasting for longer than averageperiods, as singles want to keep potential dates lined up without having tomeet up in real life.


TheCovid Dating Trend describes a set of uncharacteristic dating activitiessingles are undertaking due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Singles entering intothe Covid Dating Trend will start to make the following adjustments to theirdating habits:


•        Chats will heavily feature stories andjokes about Covid-19. Comparing loo roll stocks, who you know that’s beentested or whether you should meet up for a date because of the virus.

•        Singles who do arrange to meet for adate will be conscious of physical contact, possibly altering their usualbehaviour because of it.

•        Date locations are likely to be chosenprimarily on venue sizes and crowd numbers. Dates will take place in moreintimate locations, possibly also closer to home or in venues requiring lesspublic transport.

•        Online communication is likely tocontinue for longer than average periods of time, keeping possible date leadswarm without needing to meet IRL (in real life).


Inaddition to these key changes, the increase in conscious decision-making onwhether to meet up IRL is likely to cause an increase in the following welldocumented dating phenomenons.


Covid Ghosting – Whensomeone you’ve been on a few dates with or been in contact with, suddenlydoesn’t respond or disappears because of the coronavirus.


Covid Text BlackHoling– extending the text conversations with someone new that you want to date butdon’t yet want to arrange to meet up with in real life because of theCoronavirus.


CovidBenching – keeping someone ‘on the bench’, and not meeting up in real lifeuntil the Coronavirus situation has improved.


Top 7 Date IdeasDuring Covid Dating


Forthose defiant singles who don’t want to be held prisoner over the coming weeks(unless forced to!), here’s a selection of top date ideas during the new CovidDating trend. When things like the cinema, a concert or comedy club, sportingevents and big restaurants are all off the table, here are some alternativedate ideas to avoid the crowds but still get to know your date.


Bike Ride

Anactive date together where you can escape crowds, keep your distance, but stillhave freedom of movement to go on an adventure together. Take some snacks andsome drinks and make a pit stop somewhere.


Drive-In Movie

Allthe benefits of the big screen experience but in your own little bubble!


Go for a Picnic

Withthe warmer Spring weather creeping in, meeting for a local open air date is anoption. Choose a spot that requires minimal travel on public transport, andtake a picnic, some ball games and hang out together away from the crowds.


Winery or Gin Tour

Agreat way to get out and do something educational and fun. These tours tend tobe restricted to small groups of people at any one time. Check out ones nearyou, where you can travel by car or taxi, avoiding public transport.



Arelaxed and light-hearted date idea, where distance is kept betweenparticipating groups as you go around the course, and numbers remain small evenwhen a course is fully booked.



Whynot pack a tent and head off to a remote location for a night or two together.Enjoy some alone time, star gazing and toasting marshmallows while you discussthe state of the world from a safe distance.


Dinner at Home

Thisdoesn't need to be a Netflix and Chill invite. Choose a theme and make it fun,or replicate a posh dinner out at home, or get involved together following arecipe to create a culinary delight.