Prenuptial agreement Texas | Houston child custody lawyer
Prenuptial agreement Texas | Houston child custody lawyer
You cannot include personal interests in a prenup. Prenuptial agreement Texas will benefit all parties because they formalize the conditions of a partnership before issues arise.

A Prenuptial agreement isn't mandatory, but it is better to have one. This article talks about what does a Prenuptial agreement Texas can't include  

Prenuptial agreement Texas  

Although no one likes to think of divorce until it involves them, the couple makes prenups (also known as premarital agreements) to lay down such conditions if the marriage does not work out. 

For example, in the case of divorce, a person with a well-established family firm can attempt to preserve the property from the other party. There are, however, certain restrictions on what you cannot state in a prenuptial contract.  

The Texas Family Code requires couples to get into a prenuptial agreement (also known as a prenup) before getting married. It makes specific deals lawful as long as they fulfill the Texas Family Code's requirements.

A prenuptial agreement in Texas is an agreement among two people before they marry that contractually decides asset matters.

During the marriage, a prenuptial arrangement continues to exist. In the case of a divorce, it will control the division of land. A prenuptial agreement can also prevent problems like spousal support and alimony during a separation.  

What Prenuptial Agreements Texas CANNOT Include?  

State law governs what you can and cannot specify in a prenup. The following are some of the items that most states would not accept in prenuptial agreements:  

Provisions Outlining Any Illegal Acts    

You cannot have anything unlawful in the prenuptial agreement in any state. In reality, it could result in the prenuptial agreement, or portions of it, being dismissed.  

Child Support or Child Custody Determinations

In a prenuptial agreement, Texas doesn't cover child maintenance and custody disputes. You need to hire a Houston child custody lawyer for filing for child custody while getting a divorce. When it comes to evaluating child benefits, the court has the ultimate authority. The court decides the child support using a "best interest of the child" principle, which considers several factors. 

Since these are matters of public interest, a court will never approve a prenup clause that concerns child care, child custody, or visitation.

The court reserves the authority to determine what is in the best interests of the child. It will not refuse a child's right to financial assistance or the ability to have an interaction with an appropriate parent. Click here to know more about Houston child custody lawyer.

Waivers of Alimony Rights

This is the clause that courts most often nullify. It is strongly discouraged in a few states. Some states disapprove of it and make it difficult for you to relinquish your alimony rights. Some jurisdictions permit alimony waivers. Be sure to review the laws of your state.

Divorce-Encouraging Provisions  

Judges scrutinize prenup for something that they think is a financial inducement to divorce. Suppose the court interprets a clause in a way that promotes divorce. In that case, the court will strike it down since the community is interested in preventing divorce, the court to interpret any clause describing how the partners will divide the assets as promoting divorce. It is one of the reasons why courts pay such careful attention.

Personal information rather than financial information

You cannot include personal interests, such as who does what tasks, when to spend the vacations, what name to use, information about raising children, and what arrangement to have with those relatives, in a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is made to deal with financial problems.

The court will consider any agreement that discusses non-financial problems as void. When the partners mention private things in a contract, judges become uneasy and sometimes dismiss the agreement as trivial, ignoring it. If you and your partner want to settle on something, write it down in a different report that the court won't interfere with.

Prenuptial agreements in Texas will benefit all parties because they formalize partnerships and marriage conditions before issues arise. However, an attorney should scrutinize any prenup examined before being signed, as crucial flaws in the contract may cost either or both of the parties money in the future.


You cannot include personal interests in a prenup. Prenuptial agreement Texas will benefit all parties because they formalize the conditions of a partnership before issues arise.