Numbers Don't Lie - Telemedicine Is The Perfect Health Care Solution For Seniors
Numbers Don't Lie - Telemedicine Is The Perfect Health Care Solution For Seniors
Many doctors and practices are utilizing technology to see patients during this time of social distancing.

Senior citizens are widely known as mild tech-lovers. Yet this turns out that when it comes to their medical needs, at least, senior citizens aren't just comfortable with technology, they're actively seeking it! A recent survey from Accenture tells the story in a few simple numbers:

·        91% of Medicare recipients use email daily.

·        73% search for answers to their problems on the Internet before turning to other sources.

·        56% have logged into their specific insurance provider's website within the last year.

·        31% log in to Facebook or another social media site at least once a day.

But that's just general Internet usage. The numbers get thrown into much sharper focus when seniors are questioned about the purpose of their digital tools regarding health care:

·        Each day, more senior citizens search the Internet for health answers than 18-29 yr. olds.

·        67% of Americans over 65 said that being able to access their medical information online was "somewhat important" or "very important."

·        62% said the same of being able to set appointments with their provider(s) online.

·        83% said that they should be able to access their medical records online - but only 28% actually can.

·        46% described having access to their medical records from their mobile device as "most important" of several options given.

·        42% said the same of "being able to see a doctor virtually, without a co-pay."

Growth Of Telemedicine Services

Comprehensive access to medical information, sharing between providers, and virtual visits are the bread and butter of the telemedicine field. It is no surprise then that a recent study by Deloitte found that over 70% of employers are planning to offer their employees telemedicine consultations. That same study calculated that there were over 74 million virtual visits in 2015and estimated that the number would exceed 300 million within five years.

The Senior Sector Is Growing, Too

According to estimates by the US Census Bureau, the 65+ section of the population currently rests around 15% - but it will expand to 20% by 2030. That's an increase of over 20 million senior citizens. Telemedicine is the perfect health care solution for seniors. CityDoc offers the top telemedicine and doctor video visit services for your family's urgent medical needs. Consult with CityDoc providers from your own home's comfort and connect with us from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer for various conditions such as:

·        Common cold

·        Upper Respiratory Infection

·        Allergies

·        Sinusitis

·        Cough/Bronchitis

·        Sore throat

·        Nasal congestion, drainage

·        Pink eye

·        Urinary Tract Infection

·        Rashes

·        Sleep problems/snoring

·        Smoking cessation

·        Other Minor Conditions

Our doctors and staff at CityDoc Urgent Care are equipped to treat patients of all ages, from children to adults to seniors. We connect the gap between both the emergency room and the primary care provider. Our video visit and online check-in services take you to the next level of convenience. Visit for more information!