Medication And Products For Healthy Hair Growth
At the Avenues clinic, treatment of hair loss is available at the appropriate Hair Transplant Price in Ahmedabad

​hair loss is however not painful but it can be a serious issue to deal with. In this problem, your scalp starts to lose hair quickly and fallen hairs never come back. 

The underlying reasons for this health issue are commonly your genes and hormones. 

Hair loss with genetic nature is called male pattern baldness that is considered a non-treatable issue. 

However, a Hair Transplant in Gujarat can be a satisfactory solution for genetic baldness. 

In this surgical procedure, hairs from the back and sides are removed and transplanted to the recipient area. 

These hairs are not going to fall easily because of their resistance to male pattern baldness. 

As you see, it is a surgical process, you have to be very cautious after the surgery. 

To make sure you recover optimally, the surgeon provides proper instructions with appropriate medications and products. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you about common medications and products that are prescribed after the surgery. 

Lotion And shampoo:

The clinic is going to provide a medicated lotion and shampoo for washing your hair after the treatment. 

You have to apply the lotion on the donor and recipient area for 15 to 30 minutes. Then, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo. 

Apply the shampoo with care on the treated area because of tenderness and scabbing. 

After this process, dry your hair with a towel but do not rub the towel harshly on your hairs. 

Be gentle in all your activities. 

Scares Or Contractubex Creams:

Scaring in the donor area is a common issue after the surgery. therefore, the surgeon prescribes these creams to reduce the appearance of scarring in the donor region. 

You may observe easily that these creams deal with scarring so that, you must use them to apply on the donor site only. 

Pain killers and Antibiotics:

Mild pain as possible after the surgery as a minor side effect. Generally, the surgeon is prepared for this side effect with effective pain killers. 

Moreover, they also prescribe proper antibiotics to remove the chances of infection of the treated scalp due to any reason. 


Finasteride is used to make the hair thick and dense after the surgery. This step is not included in unavoidable steps but some surgeons find it useful to prescribe this medication. 

Biotin food supplement:

Sometimes, Biotin is prescribed as a necessary supplement to improve the strength of transplanted hair follicles. 

You can use it without any prescription as well but taking every step with the proper consent of the surgeon is a wise approach. 

At the Avenues clinic, treatment of hair loss is available at the appropriate Hair Transplant Price in Ahmedabad

You can visit the clinic if you need to know more about the essential steps of hair transplant surgery. 

Our hair loss experts are willing to help you and they will treat you effectively if you are a valid candidate.