Launch the fully-functional Udemy Clone app in a short span
Launch the fully-functional Udemy Clone app in a short span
Venture into the E-learning industry with an optimized and feature-rich Udemy clone app developed by the professionals available at Uberlikeapp. With this online app, you can establish your brand quickly in the market.

Udemy Clone App Development

Udemy is an e-learning app, which makes learning more simple for students as they can learn anywhere and anytime. It upholds various courses related to education, musical tutorials, cooking, photoshop tutorials, programming, sales, and many more. Through this app, instructors can create new courses and upload them. 

Stats show that the global e-learning market is forecasted to raise over $240 billion by the end of 2022. This is so evident that the e-learning market will be flourishing in the near future despite the popularity of an e-learning app like Udemy in current days. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs seek to launch an app like Udemy and enter the booming e-learning market. Are you one of those who aspire to launch the e-learning app? Udemy Clone Script is a pre-built online learning app solution that resembles Udemy in terms of features and functionality. So, let’s explore the significant features of the Udemy Clone app in this blog.

Eminent features to be included in the Udemy Clone app

The Udemy Clone app comprises three modules: Learners app, Instructor app, and Admin panel. The must-have features that you should never miss out to include in these modules are as follows.

Features of Learners app

Search filters - As the app is packed with a plethora of courses, the smart search option will let the learners search for courses by applying filters. It includes price, categories, oldest to newest, and so on. This helps the learners to find their desired courses with ease. 

Cart - This feature is similar to the one in the ecommerce apps. Learners can enroll in various courses, which will be saved at the cart. 

Certificates - Once the learners complete the courses, the app will generate the certificates for them. On successful service completion, you can let them download the certificates. 

Course details - The description of the courses will be available for the learners as they can check it out and then decide whether it is a suitable course for them or not. Also, they can view the reviews for the courses posted by other learners who have enrolled in the course. 

Recommendations - This feature incorporated into the app will let the learners get suggestions or recommendations of courses that will be related to the courses they have enrolled in already. 

Features of Instructors app

Reports - The instructors have the option to import the generated reports containing course scope, response rate, and total earnings. 

Dashboard - With this feature, instructors can view and manage the courses they have uploaded to the app. Also, they can check the number of learners enrolled in the course, gross revenue, and response time.  

Course creation - Using the Udemy Clone app, instructors have the authority to create their own courses and upload them, which can be accessed by the learners. 

Course list - After creating the courses, they can access them in a separate tab. This enables them to manage the courses and modules.  

Features of Admin panel

Content Management System  - You can send alert messages regarding the courses via in-app notifications or email. And, promote the top-rated courses through social media channels. These ways, you can increase user engagement.

Customer relationship management - This feature in the admin panel allows you to have a record of all the instructors and learners along with necessary information. It includes total expenses, earnings, discounts, and earnings. 

Dashboard - You can view the overview of the app’s real-time analysis. The information included in this module are the total number of registered learners, number of instructors/trainers, and detailed stats.

Payment management - You have access to manage the entire payment transaction along with the history of payments in detail. 

Final words

Undoubtedly, e-learning has become an integral part of the education industry. Since the massive transformation occurs, every entrepreneur wishes to enter this industry with an e-learning platform. 

If you plan to launch an e-learning platform like Udemy, approach a reputed and reliable mobile app development company that excels in developing the Udemy Clone app. 

Nevertheless, instead of starting an app development process from scratch, it would be great to opt for the ready-made Udemy Clone app. With this, you can launch your e-learning app within a few days and reach a wider user base.