Know the Reasons Why Companies Shift to Hiring Healthcare Virtual Assistants
Know the Reasons Why Companies Shift to Hiring Healthcare Virtual Assistants
Phoenix Virtual Solutions hiring HIPAA-Certified Healthcare Virtual Assistants can save you up to 60% on labor costs. Read this blog entry and Give us a call today and we'll be happy to design services that are tailored to your specific requirements!

The success rate of companies shifting from in-office to working remotely and hiring Healthcare Virtual Assistants is unprecedented, this also means the competition has gotten tougher when it comes to providing services for your clients. Nowadays, it’s not only the products that need the most attention but most especially, the after-sales. Nurture your clients just how you want to be treated yourself.

The healthcare industry is one tough business when you aim to provide the best healthcare customer service for your patients. Services vary with every single patient which can make it difficult for you to handle after services promptly and accurately. We want to assist you in a way where you can move freely without worrying about the clerical tasks and just focus on the patient in front of you. 

Healthcare Virtual Assistants covers a wide range of services to provide, their mission is to make life easier for you and your patients. The scope of services they can offer isn’t limited to what is written in their job description, we do understand the deviation of the tasks that varies day by day and challenges often do not come when expected. Customer support outsourcing is one way to fill the void your business needs. You will never slack off again in providing customer support to your patients because our healthcare virtual assistants can freely adjust to whatever time zone you want to be covered.

An ideal patient should be more like customers with who you can build a strong relationship with, rather than a regular passing customer because patients usually come back for a follow-up checkup when needed or when they feel they need to be checked again. Patients usually come back for another check-up when they feel comfortable or when they are impressed with the services provided by the doctor. Now with your own dedicated virtual medical assistant, it is easier to impress your patients as you have now more time to focus on their medical needs while your virtual assistant attends to your administrative work.

One of the after-sales services that could be a challenging task to handle is medical billing and collections. The majority of the patients use the insurance when paying for the services which are equal to tons of tiresome paperwork that needs to be filled up, signed, and submitted. It would just be unwise to be doing all these yourself no matter how much you think you can.

Insurance is just like any policy there is, there can be changes without prior notice. The hassle this can bring to you and your patients if there are discrepancies in the paperwork or policy, takes so much of your patient’s precious time which will definitely result in an irate patient, which we always wish to avoid. When you have a dedicated medical billing and collections specialist solely handling that task, surely your productivity will be doubled and you will be more up to date with any changes there will be. Your medical billing and collections specialist could be tasked to email your patient’s important news or information pivotal to their needs.

A medical billing and collection specialist when working hand in hand with a healthcare customer service representative can do wonders for your practice. All the important tasks are now delegated to respective experts in their field. All our staff has undergone rigid training to assure our clients that they can handle all the pressure and challenges they come across when dealing with different types of patients and doctors.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions guarantees solid after-sales services to our existing and future clients. Save up to 60% on your labor costs when you hire HIPAA-Certified Healthcare Virtual Assistants. Contact us today and we’ll be very happy to layout services that best suit your needs!