Industrial use of Staple fibers
Industrial use of Staple fibers
Staple fibers Market

Staple fibers are strong mechanically and can be reprocessed readily. For all filling actions, they provide great robustness. The next generation, thermal-bonded high loft nonwovens mattress, which is more comfortable than conventional mattresses, is made of staple fibers.

High tex yarns made of staple fiber offer a larger surface area, making them perfect for filtration of gas, dust, and aerosols. Vetrotex produces a variety of staple fibers ranging in length from 7 to 25 metres, ideal for use as a filtration medium in the mist elimination process. The 11 um twisted staple fibers composed of C used by Vetrotex provide a larger surface area for liquid filtration. In string wound cartridge filters used in severe chemical environments and high temperature applications, this filtration media is ideal. To give good handling capabilities and increased tensile strength, fibers are glued together with minimal lubrication. Our staple fibers are non-flammable and non-hazardous.


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