How to Bring Back the Lapsed Customers to Online Portals?
How to Bring Back the Lapsed Customers to Online Portals?
Regaining lost clients has always been a difficult task for organizations. What else can you do to persuade a consumer to buy or reengage a dormant customer besides optimizing your online shop for conversions and engagement?

How to Bring Back the Lapsed Customers to Online Portals?

When buying online for toys or any other, more than two-thirds of shoppers abandon their carts. This figure is concerning for eCommerce merchants.

Regaining lost clients has always been a difficult task for organizations. What else can you do to persuade a consumer to buy or reengage a dormant customer besides optimizing your online shop for conversions and engagement?

Luckily, by studying eCommerce shop statistics and implementing innovative marketing strategies, entrepreneurs may devise a plan and find a solution to the question: How to Engage Lapsed Customers?

If your eCommerce business has a high cart abandonment rate, implement one or more of these techniques, and you will find your answer to how to re-engage lapsed customers.

Create Email Marketing Programs

According to one research on lapsed customer analysis, 59 percent of respondents believe marketing emails impact their purchasing decisions.

To boost sales and website traffic, eCommerce companies frequently utilize several various email marketing campaigns. These ads may also be used to guide a lost client in the correct path and get them to return to their shopping basket and finish the transaction.

When you're ready to entice the lapsed customer back to your online shopping website, send out email messages like:

  • Emails with a personal touch

  • Emails from abandoned checkouts

  • Emails regarding cart abandonment

Remind People Through SMS Messaging

Some clients would instead get shopping and brand information through text messages. And, because text messaging marketing has a 98 percent open rate and a 209 percent greater reaction rate than a phone, email, or Facebook, you're sure to win back lapsed customers this way.

Get inventive while interacting with lost eCommerce consumers via SMS messaging while reactivating lapsed customers! Text messages can be used to:

Showcase brand new or similar goods based on previous orders from a consumer.

  • Invite customers to join a loyalty program.

  • Send promotional coupons or discount codes.

  • Provide updates on the status of their order.

  • Remind consumers of their abandoned shopping basket or checkout.

Given that 61% of marketers do not employ text message marketing, your eCommerce business will have the edge over the competition. Meet consumers on the device they choose and reclaim their business!

Assess Shipping Prices and Procedures

If consumers leave their carts during the checkout process, your shipping rates or methods may be at fault.

Assess the delivery charges for your eCommerce business. It has been shown that 56 percent of customers abandon their carts due to unexpected shipping and handling charges. Is it more than that of your competitors?

Examine your specified shipping zones as well. Can you ship to the areas and/or nations where your consumers live?

Consider giving a free shipping campaign or completely revamping your delivery rates on whatever products you're selling, from toys to beauty products, to reclaim lost consumers! Many eCommerce platforms provide considerable savings on shipping prices to their consumers.

If your shipping charges are too costly, consider switching to another eCommerce platform.

Provide a Guest Checkout Option

Customers are becoming increasingly wary about how they disclose their personal and banking information online due to significant data breaches affecting corporations.

As a result, clients may be discouraged from completing the checkout process on an eCommerce website if they feel uncomfortable.

Allow consumers to check out as a guest to reclaim lost customers and offer shoppers peace of mind with an online customer portal. To make a purchase, customers do not need to register a personal account on your website.

Aside from security issues, checking out as a guest allows consumers to complete their transactions more quickly. When shoppers need to make a quick purchase, the very last thing they want to do is create an account.

Make Use of Retargeting Advertisements

Whether we know it or not, we've all been the subject of retargeting advertisements. If you've ever been buying online for beauty products and other and afterward that day received a social media ad for the same thing, that firm is utilizing retargeting advertisements to attract shoppers back to their site.

Retargeting advertisements are defined as "a type of internet targeting advertising given to persons who have already viewed your website or who are contacts in your database."

This Sort of Advertisement can be Seen in the Form of:

  • Banner ads

  • YouTube video ads

  • Pay-per-click search engine ads

  • Social media ads

Retargeting advertisements are created by tracking consumers and segmenting audiences using website pixels/cookies or customer lists. Create and promote highly targeted advertising to particular categories of buyers to get the greatest money from lost customers.

Remember to include the following information when developing your retargeting ads:

  • Make use of high-quality, eye-catching product images or videos.

  • To persuade the audience to do a specific action, use action-oriented text.

  • Create advertising materials with conversion in mind.

Keep an eye on the development of your retargeting advertisements as you deploy them. Are previous customers responding to your promotions? Are they going back to their abandoned cart? And, most significantly, are they completing the buying process?

Make changes to your retargeting advertisements and approach as needed to bring back lapsed customers until you find what works best for your customers!

Provide Promotions and Incentives

Another method for re-engaging lost consumers is to provide an incentive. The following are examples of common eCommerce shopping incentives:

  • Buy one, get one free promotion

  • Discount codes

  • Rewards/loyalty program access

  • Free shipping

Incentives are not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, a client who abandoned their purchasing cart owing to excessive shipping charges is unlikely to want to join a loyalty program unless there is a discount involved.

According to one study, consumers who left due to price are more likely to return than those who left due to bad service. As a result, each consumer group would require a customized incentive or campaign to persuade them to return to their shopping basket.

Creating the proper discount or campaign will necessitate a thorough examination of your abandoned consumers' customer data. Consider the goods they added, their geographic area, their online behavior, and other pertinent information to determine which offer is most likely to entice them to return to your website.

Once you've found the best incentive programs and possibilities, collaborate with your marketing team to distribute these promotions or discounts through the best media for your target demographic.

With our Advice, you may Persuade Disgruntled Consumers to Finish the Purchase Process

Don't be concerned the next time a customer abandons their online shopping basket on your eCommerce site. That sale can be redeemed in a variety of ways. Try out a couple of our ideas, discover which one performs best for your target audience, and get lapsed customers back!