How the Betting Company Bet365 UK Became Bet365 Worldwide Known
How the Betting Company Bet365 UK Became Bet365 Worldwide Known
In the world of online sport betting, as in any other industry, there are a few success stories that stand out from the others.

In the world of online sport betting, as in any other industry, there are a few success stories that stand out from the others. Small shops becoming global players through smart investments; business owners willing to risk it all in order to make it big; all these and many more are the ingredients needed to write the perfect success story in an industry that was built on the motto: the house never loses. Such story is the one of the online betting company Bet365. Starting out as a local betting shop, Bet365 UK became one of the forces to be reckoned with on a global scale thanks to the vision and inspiration of its manager. The company is still expanding and it doesn’t seem to want to slow down anytime soon.

Creating the Bet365 Brand

It all goes back to 1974 when Peter Coates of Stoke-on-Trent invested in a chain of failing betting shops around the country. The betting company Provincial Racing was born. Coates, already an established business man, turned the failing shops around and made them successful again. He expanded the number of betting shops to 59 and offered many services for people of the working class willing to support their teams by placing wagers.

After Peter stepped down as acting manager, his daughter, Denise Coates, stepped in and took the business into the 21st century. In 2000 the  Bet365 company was created, reshaping and reinventing the old betting company her father founded.  In 2000 the company went online started operating using the newly purchased URL and using the freshly developed software, designed to offer a series of new and exciting opportunities to people looking to place a bet.

The main idea behind the companies rise to stardom was simply that more is better. Although today anyone from anyplace can place a bet on almost any sporting event happening anywhere in the world, in 2001 that was a very innovative step to take. The company expanded their portfolio of sports anyone could bet on to include, besides the classic major European football leagues, horse and dog racing and traditional American sports, NASCAR racing, athletics, tennis rugby and even snooker.  

Going From Bet365 UK to Global Scale

The idea of having the possibility to place a bet on almost any sporting event, almost anywhere in the world, was in instant hit. It opened the company up to massive exposure worldwide and helped it take on some of the biggest names in the industry. But the expansion was just beginning.

From  Bet365 UK  the company that was literally started from a portakabin now boasts over 10 million players worldwide, and their numbers keep growing every day.

After the company started operating online, and developed a phone app available for anyone with a smartphone to use, it was awarded the 2010 Operator of the year award by the eGaming Review magazine. The same publication also ranked the betting company as the number one internet gaming company in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in the annual list they published named “Power 50 – the 50 most influential internet gaming companies”.

5 Steps Towards an Internet Gaming Empire

From its creation and up until today, Bet365 has made some of the smartest moves any betting company out there could make. These made Bet365 UK the internet gaming giant everybody knows today. Throughout their rise to worldwide brand here are some of the most noteworthy moments in their history:

1. Adding poker. The company always set themselves apart from the others thanks to the services and gaming opportunities they offered. One of the smartest moves they did was adding poker to their online casino games options. 

2. Buying Bowman sportsbook. Associating yourself with a piece of history, in any domain, is always a good idea. Bowman is maybe one of the best known names in the betting industry and has become part of the Stoke-based betting company since 2006.

3. Adding bingo. Another very smart move was adding bingo to their internet platform. This opened up a whole new customer pool and helped the company expand their services list even more. Also, the sign up offers weren’t a bad idea.

4. Diversifying available currencies and languages. In order to truly become a global player, a company has to make their services available to as many people in the world. How do you get people from other places to be interested in you? You talk their language. Offering the possibility of multiple languages and currencies has really made the betting shop one of the big payers worldwide.

5. Investing and innovating. The company became what it is today thanks to the constant interest in new technologies and the investments being made in live streaming, mobile app development and in always offering something that nobody else can.