How Much Does it Cost to Develop eBook App
How Much Does it Cost to Develop eBook App
Are you thinking to create an ebook app? then here you will know How Much Does it Cost to Develop eBook App.

These days we are so used to our phones that we tend to check them once a minute. Mobile apps are the heart of mobile. The rise of mobile apps has increased cell phone usage.


Mobile apps are witnessing high monetization. So, more and more apps are coming to the app market.


Cutting-edge technology peeking into the world of eBooks has opened the door wide for millennials to access books and read more. eBook apps are emerging at a rapid pace, and readers consider them a blessing and enjoy reading books whenever they want.


Whether you're a small startup, a large publisher, or a brick-and-mortar bookstore, everyone is figuring out how to reach an enhanced audience by moving online.


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What is a Reading App?


A reading app is an app that allows users to read e-books on their digital devices. Some reading apps also support comics, ebooks, and audiobooks. Some may even download books for later use.


Some eBook apps are available for free in the app store, while others offer subscription plans that give you access to premium features. 


Benefits of Ebook App Development


Reading app development is neither cheap nor fast, so you should be prepared to invest a significant amount of money and time before reaping the benefits. On the other hand, in the long run, your income may far outweigh your expenses.


Few writers live on book royalties alone. That said, a reading app for one author isn't a financially sensible idea (unless you're launching a bestseller breathing air like Stephen King). In this article, we will talk about the benefits of selling ebooks on proprietary apps instead of (or in addition to) large marketplaces for publishers. 


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Niche Targeting and Marketing


Browsing books on Amazon is often cumbersome for users, and it's even more cumbersome for smaller publishers to stand out with their books on a platform with millions of competitors. If you're a niche publisher and you're releasing a specific type of book, you can reach a larger audience with a smaller app.


Of course, marketing your app to an interested public will take some time and effort. However, with proper target audience research, a separate app can get you more readers than a Kindle ad campaign for your book.


Fee savings


Third-party services like Amazon take a commission to publish your books and sell them online or in brick and mortar stores. Some of these fees are very high, especially when considering the long term. It can go up to 60% off the price of the book (you may need to use more than one service).


Direct interaction with the audience


Having your own app means you can tweak it to better satisfy your users. You can communicate directly with your viewers and have authority over developers and the store itself to respond to complaints.


Direct communication done right will increase customer loyalty to your brand. Users will stay with your business longer and recommend your app and the books you sell to their friends.


Potential to affect user engagement


If you decide to start developing your own reading app, you will have access to the admin panel. This means the opportunity to add and remove books, as well as options to host events, offer custom loyalty programs and make the user experience more engaging. These are all things you rarely have on third-party services like Amazon Kindle.


Your app is an ecosystem. It takes effort and investment, but if you are able and willing to put in the effort, it can be a very rewarding endeavor, not only financially but also in terms of popularity.


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Essential features for building an ebook reading app


1. Library Management


This feature of the Reading app allows users to manage data such as read and unread books, downloaded and purchased books, and more.


2. Support various formats


Integrate this feature into your app so that readers can read e-books in the format they prefer. Readers can choose the books they want to read, download them, and then convert them to their preferred file format.


3. Save and sync your favorite books


The eBook app should have the ability to store eBooks locally on the device for offline and quick access once the user has saved the book to the library. The saved data will then go to cloud backup. Post that your favorite eBooks won't be corrupted if users of your app clear their device's local cache. 


4. Multi-Platform Support


Apps must maintain a level of synchronization across platforms and devices, and allow users to enjoy reading in multiple contexts in a unique form factor.


As more and more devices amplify, it works flawlessly with a variety of OS. This is because, in addition to simply reading, it can be used over and over according to users' changing preferences.


5. Reader-friendly interface


The success of an eBook Reader app depends on an easy-to-use and well-crafted interface that meets the expected user experience.

e your app is, you need to design the interface well so that the user is familiar to the reader.


There are many protocols that need to be followed to make a reading app successful, such as positioning a progress bar, providing different text size settings, adjusting paging, different text color options, and more.


6. Reading tool


Next, it's time to use a variety of tools and services to enhance your readers' reading experience. You can fulfill this task by adding standard and essential tools such as built-in dictionaries, bookmarking, and more.


Most eBook reader apps today have added advanced tools like quickly finding passages and cross-referencing specific terms.


7. Gamify reading


Some apps have embraced a trend that includes gamification. Mobile reading apps run on the same path by providing an integrated and gamified experience to app users.


There are some standard and advanced features that enable this added feature like levels, stickers or badges, stripes, reading speed, etc. to enable this added feature.


8. Payment Gateway


An online book reading app should include an obvious feature—a payment gateway—to make it easy for users to pay for subscriptions or books.


This requires integrating payment gateways to provide secure online payment modes and top-level protection for financial data.


How much does it cost to build an ebook reader app like Amazon Kindle?


iOS eBook app development or Android eBook app development costs from $15,000 to $95,000. However, the development cost of any mobile application depends on the set of features you add to the application.


Additionally, the cost of amazon Kindle app may exceed the estimated cost based on the platform, mobile app type, design complexity, team size, and hourly rate of the mobile app developer.


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