How Helpful Have Fitness Apps Proved To Be, Especially During And After The Pandemic?
How Helpful Have Fitness Apps Proved To Be, Especially During And After The Pandemic?
Health-related issues have necessitated for people to stay fit, healthy and not compromise on physical and mental well-being. However, with a majority of us still confined to our homes, exercising has taken a backseat.

We have become too busy, occupied and lethargic – all at the same time. The irony here is funny!

But entrepreneurs saw an opportunity here and exploited it fully – they came up with tools to help people stay fit! Thus, the corresponding apps have been in vogue and are amongst the favourites for the users.

Let’s get to know more about them!

What are fitness applications?

These great tools are those small magicians that stay on your phone and take care of your workout routine. They send push notifications, reminders, etc., for you to stay focused and disciplined about exercising dedicatedly!

These applications have changed things for the better. They offer all sorts of workouts – from Pilates, yoga, callisthenics, cardio sessions, HIIT, low-impact exercises, aerobics, personal training – you name it, and they have it!

According to Statista:

- Monthly downloads for these applications reached 16.2 million in January 2021 as opposed to only 2.68 million back in 2017!

- The rise in downloads of fitness apps has been on a steady and impressive rise since 2017.

- Fitness industry is huge – it amounts to a whopping 2.6 billion US dollars market size!

The trendiest ‘stay-fit-regimes’ for 2021

  1. Minimum equipment workouts to be done at home, gym or a fitness studio. The best part – apps offering this have been creating a buzz!

  2. Wearables have taken the world by storm. Small and highly intelligent gadgets are tracking progress, calorie intake, etc. easier.

  3. Home gyms have been the go-to option or the ONLY option in some cases to exercise and maintain social distancing.

  4. Yoga and relaxation workout regimes have witnessed an increase in the number of subscribers, especially during the lockdown. They have turned out to be great ways of destressing oneself!

  5. With limited access to gyms and workout studios, virtual training sessions and applications offering the same have generated a buzz. They provide expert opinions, personal training sessions, guidance programs, diet tips, etc.!

  6. The video game industry has incorporated physical activity in its games! Yes! They don’t want you to become a couch potato as you binge play your favourite game!

Why are they such a trend?

It is crucial to understand the reasons for these apps trending, and that too so wonderfully! So, let us take a look at them:

  1. They offer convenience and ease to users.

  2. They help in maintaining a schedule and staying disciplined!

  3. Their use leads to increased engagement of people with fitness experts – very helpful indeed!

  4. The plans on such platforms offer variety and a lot of choices. Free, paid, special plans, etc. – everything is on the table!

  5. It isn’t just plain written advice but videos too, that provide proper guidance, tips, tricks and diet plans!

  6. The live sessions are one big reason for increased users on these apps.

  7. It is a pandora’s box – when it comes to the types of workouts people can choose. People love choices, don’t they!

  8. They offer expert advice of physical trainers, nutritionists, etc. Moreover, they give options to users to buy merchandise, wearables, gadgets, too!

In a nutshell

The fitness industry is speeding on fifth gear and it is expected to witness an even bigger growth in 2021! Stress management along with staying fit, help people stay focused and happy. 

Therefore, platforms offering any option that allows people to take care of their health, de-stress and not experience frequent burnouts will definitely fare well – it is inevitable!

If you have decided to try your hand in the same domain, I would say it is one wise decision! Make hay while the sun shines and make your brand the trending one. Your peers are doing it; why can’t you, right?!

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