Hit!score and Earn! With the all new NFT game based on Cricket.
Hit!score and Earn! With the all new NFT game based on Cricket.
Gamers are looking for new avenues to explore their gaming style.

The gaming community is slowly moving from the traditional games to new models of gaming. With the entry of NFTs in the gaming space there has been a new revolution in the gaming industry. Gamers can now have full ownership over their in-game purchases and have a say in the way the game. is an NFT gaming marketplace which has earned a name among the NFT enthusiasts and cricket fans. is the marketplace to launch the World’s First Play-to-earn Cricket NFTs. Post their groundbreaking launch of World’s first play-to-earn NFTs, where 55,000 NFTs got sold out in less than 9 mins, the marketplace is all set with it’s next game. 

On July 22, the gaming community witnessed the launch of World’s First Play-to-earn NFT Cricket Game, Meta Cricket League. To the enter the game, the player must have Cricket NFTs from Ever since the game launched both gamers and fans have been actively playing the game. 

The game is said to provide an immersive and addictive gaming experience to the gamers. 

MCL game 

The MCL game is a hit-to-earn NFT game which is said to stand out to be unique from all the other games. Users can utilize the MCL players NFTs and MCL Signed bats NFTs to acquire ownership of the in-game assets, earn JT points, play with other players and go up in the leader boards, trade NFTs and become a part of the immersive gaming ecosystem. 

The NFTs lets the player create a team of batsmen and bowlers and engage in player vs player matches. 

Looking at the roadmap of the game, there’s no doubt that the will evolve to become a game that will test the skills of the player through competitive gameplay.