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Creating a Sustainable Learning Culture: Kognoz 4EX© Methodology, A Scientific Basis of Adult Learning

While learning tools, methods, and materials update continuously over the course of time, with advancements in technology, as well as with the situation’s requirements, the DNA of a modern organization must be rooted in a sustainable culture of learning. A sustainable learning culture enables the right learning methods for accelerated performance. It also enables an organization to keep ahead of change, and indeed – use change as a means for disruption, rather than being left by the wayside when change inevitably occurs. Moreover, learning can be linked to improvements in the learners’ well-being and therefore, contributes to a more meaningful and productive workplace. Thus, while learning methods can (and do) change over time, the emphasis on creating a sustainable learning culture ensures that the organisation’s North Star keeps shining the way towards fostering lifelong learning and development: ensuring a growth mindset towards change, as well as the well-being of and continuous performance improvements for — the entire organization.

From cross-disciplinary research conducted in the domain of learning and development over the past century (encompassing fields such as psychology, sociology, neuroscience, etc.) we have come to realize that learning is an affective process: it engages our emotions and experiences. Thus, our methodology towards creating, programming, and sustaining a learning culture, is also an affect-driven model known as the 4EX© Model. The 4EX model – backed by latest developments in learning and development research – is a means to engage and harness the learner’s emotions to create learning cycles, reinforcing a sustainable, performance-driven learning culture across the organization.

From “awareness” to “application” there are multiple micro-cycles of exposure, experience, exploitation and exploring:

Exposure: the learner(s) is/are exposed to an environment which is rich in learning experiences and learning possibilities. This drives curiosity and motivation for the learner to learn more about the environment through immersion, and peer inquiry.

Experience: the learner(s) is/are provided with a plethora of opportunities to use and refine learned information and test their intuition(s) across a range of scenarios. The scenarios can test and refine learning by testing knowledge depth, width, as well as testing at different intensities to ensure learner proficiency and aptitude. All throughout this process, there is an emphasis on creating memorable positive experiences – both individual and collective – to ensure learning is amply focused on driving performance and creativity.

Exploit, the learner(s) further exploits their learned skills and make visible improvement in related tasks performance by applying concepts at workplace, driving outcomes that further their self-determined goals: giving them a sense of achievement: making them more capable, more autonomous, and more attuned to their peers, workplace, and organizational culture.

When an affective learning pathway is established, Exploration is focused on enabling the learner and the learning community with the right resources and iterative developments to continue to enhance their learning experience. As the learner continues to explore and learn autonomously, higher and higher-order opportunities for well-being, performance, creativity, and innovation can become available for the learner – as well as the learning community.

We believe the 4EX methodology leads to a force-multiplier effect across organizations. As the underlying science is robust and the executive principles are iteratively refined (in accordance with the latest developments in academic research), we are at the forefront of learning and development methodology: continually shifting the paradigm in terms of creating and sustaining learning cultures.

Using 4EX in learning culture design, we empower organizations to create antifragile learning communities that improve their well-being, accelerate performance, and harness change — to drive revolutionary innovation across markets and industries.

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