Highest salary jobs of commerce subject
Highest salary jobs of commerce subject
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Any student's dream is to get a good salary package at their selected university. Getting one of the market's highest-paying positions is the greatest approach to make that a possibility. Apart from job satisfaction, money is one of the most motivating elements for students looking for work. The most popular source of education in India is commerce. Students choose this path for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is that trade provides a good foundation for higher education and offers access to a variety of high-paying careers. Also, there is the option of taking assignment help Australia to complete your degree. The most paid jobs of commerce are given below:

·         Accountant, Chartered

The ICAI offers this course (Institute of Charted Accountants of India). After completing 12th grade, students can pursue CA, which is a 5-year course with a prescribed syllabus and certificate issued by a statutory body certifying that the accounting professional can handle accounting, taxation, filing returns, and preparing financial statements for businesses and individuals, as well as maintaining records.  Tax auditing, internal audits, corporate finance, investment banking, and private practice as a consultant to several organizations are all viable career opportunities.

·         Secretary of the Corporation

ICSI provides this training (Institute of company secretaries of India). The company secretary is in charge of managing the firm's administration. Ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory obligations, as well as the company's board of directors' statements. It is available in three levels: foundation, executive, and professional. Each one is for a minimum of one year.

·         Compliance officer, top advisor to a company's board of Accounting and Finance

This course focuses on a more in-depth examination of finance and financial management, including budgeting, capital structuring, and capital management. CFP (certified financial planner), CFA (Chartered financial analyst), FRM (Financial Risk Manager), and CPA (certified public accountant) are some of the qualifications available (Certified public accountant). Payroll associate, finance officer, financial adviser, financial analyst, investment analyst, accountant, and financial auditor are all possible careers.

·         Securities and Investment Banking

Following a bachelor's degree, CFA certification is required to work as an investment banker. Financial operations and market investments are dealt with by investment bankers. A popular course is an MBA in finance. Directors, legal advisor, public and private sector positions are all possibilities. Investing in your future career options Sales and trading banker, financial markets banker

·         Financial Analyst No. 5

A bachelor's degree in business administration or a master's degree in finance combined with critical thinking abilities will help you get a job as a financial analyst. Insurance businesses, security firms, and mutual fund companies are all viable career alternatives. Assignment help Australia helps the students to complete their commerce degrees.

·         Investing

Loans, investments, wealth management, financial services, currency exchange, and deposits are all part of this broad field. This sector can be entered with a bachelor's or master's degree in finance. Auditor, banker, financial analyst, loan officer, investment banker, budget analyst, and broker are all possible careers. Take help of assignment help to complete your degree in investing.

·         Accounting for Costs

It's a portion of management accounting research that focuses on the company's varied cost statistics. It is a component of bachelor's and master's degree programmers. Accountant, finance director, chief auditor, and chief accountant are all possible career paths.


These are the best options with the best salaries for commerce students. Assignment help services help the students to write their assignments and add assessment marks to the end result.

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