Gibberellins Market Dynamics
Gibberellins Market Dynamics
Gibberellins Market

Increased R&D activities by research organisations around the world are driving the Gibberellins market. For example, in 2017, a study titled "The role of gibberellin signalling in plant responses to abiotic stress" was published, which showed that suppression of gibberellin (GA) signalling is a general response to abiotic stress, with transcriptional upregulation of GA2ox genes, which encode GA-inactivating enzymes, and in A. thaliana, of the DELLA gene RGL3, which encodes a growth suppressor. Also in 2019, a study titled 'Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Growth, Yield, and Quality of Leaf Lettuce and Rocket Grown in a Floating System' was published, which found that the level of GA3 in the nutrient solution of a hydroponic floating system influenced the growth and biomass accumulation of leaf lettuce and rocket plants.


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