Find Your Dream Partner with Astrology
Find Your Dream Partner with Astrology
Whenever a person visits an astrologer concerning marriage or future partner prediction, the foremost step is to analyze the 7th house of the native.

Marriages are made in heaven! The adage perfectly matches astrology, where we believe that the planetary influences- backed with karmic links, decide the type of spouse we get in this life. It is interesting to know that if someone is supposed to have a good married life, there would be auspicious planets affecting the house and planets concerned with marriage. On the other hand, if one is destined to have a problematic marriage, more inauspicious planets will affect the house of marriage in kundli. Thus, Astrology may explore and guide you toward finding a suitable life partner. 

The seventh house- the main house of marriage in the horoscope

Whenever a person visits an astrologer concerning marriage or future partner prediction, the foremost step is to analyze the 7th house of the native. The 7th house is the main house of marriage and the planetary influence-either good or bad here decides the tone of someone's marriage. A strong 7th house under the influence of good and auspicious planets promises healthy and prosperous married relations and vice-versa.


Now, as per the familiar mandate, along with the 7th house, the planets Jupiter, Venus, and the seventh lord have to be in good condition for a happy marriage. However, Jupiter and Venus are the karaka of marriage, but they also play a negative role for some ascendants. For these ascendants, they may become the lords of the trik houses, which are the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses of the horoscope. So, not a single planet can be termed a malefic or benefic planet for a horoscope. The lordship of the planet will ultimately decide the planet's role in ruining or making a marriage.

Planets that play a role of a villain for a happy marriage

As we have already mentioned, depending upon the planets' lordship, they play a positive or negative role in a marriage. But every planet has some natural signification making them an auspicious or inauspicious planet. Based on the natural significations of the planets, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, and Sun are the malefic planets detrimental to attaining marital bliss. On the other hand, Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and Mercury are the benefic planets blessing a marriage. 

Now, a single plant is not powerful enough to ruin a marriage, and it needs the support of the other malefic planets to become a dreaded villain for the marriage. For example, if any of the two or three malefic planets mentioned above exert their influence jointly on the seventh house, marriage would have problems. The problems can occur in any form, like delays, incompatibility, lack of intimacy, differences in thoughts, family values, separation, divorce, etc. Different planets, with their varied significations and lordships, indicate a specific kind of problem in married life of a person.

Can Astrology help to find a perfect partner? 

Astrology is the science of getting future indications by studying the planets in different houses, zodiac signs, and nakshatras. With a deep natal chart analysis, finding details about your spouse is easier. When a person visits an astrologer, and he finds certain flaws or estimated problems in married life, he can always suggest a few remedies and karma modification techniques to overcome those problems.

Many negative yogas or planetary combinations get canceled with the specific yoga or planetary placements in the partner's chart. Thus, even if a person has negative combinations for marriage but if he marries a person with yoga canceling these negative ones, they can lead a happy married life.

Here, kundli matching plays a pivotal role in life partner predictions. The matching of kundli helps to know how effectively the couple can cooperate with and complement each other. Always visit an astrologer and match kundli before making the matrimony decision.  

What age will I get married?

There are speculations about what age you will get married. Stop estimating and be sure with Astrology about the age you will be married. The planets in the 7th house help to determine the age of a person's marriage. Saturn in the 7th house usually signifies a delay in marriage, and if it is retrograde, the delay may be more than expected. Sun in the 7th house makes a person choosy about the life partner, and the person may take a considerably long time to select the life partner. 

Similarly, Mars also gives delays and obstructions in marriage. Rahu may give sudden and quick marriage to a person etc. Not just the timing of marriage, but you may also know whether you will have a love or arranged marriage. You may know about your spouse in detail even before they arrive in your life with the help of your birth chart. The personality, nature, physical appearance, locality, etc., are visible only through your birth chart. It is essential to visit an astrologer and understand the possibilities in your marriage so that timely actions can save your life. Finding a partner that complements and balances the yogas in your birth chart is always better. This way, we can ensure happiness and prosperity in our married life.