If we talk about one category of footgear that never fails to catch a man's eyes, it would undeniably be booted.

Boots are not only loved but also are a definite top-notch choice for every man, irrespective of the walk of life he belongs to. This gender-neutral footwear is preferred because of its rigidness, style quotient, beauty, and vogue. Boots are not just any footgear; they have the aura to enhance the overall personality of an outfit, and also allow you to upscale your personal style and make you look suavely alluring. 

Now when fashion trends keep on evolving with time, why should these bad boys stay out of business? Every new season comes up with new designs, patterns, materials, and literally whatnot. But along with these frequent changes in flavors, the consumers have to face a bit of a problem. And that’s the trouble of choosing the right pair! That being said, it's never too late to learn and come up with new ideas, some of which are detailed in this guide. 

If you're looking forward to styling your new boots, but feel a little confused, this article is exactly what you need. Here are some styling tips and rules that we've put together to give you a quick rundown of a particularly elegant category of men’s boots – the lace-ups. 

Wingtip Lace Up Boots - Tan


Before we begin – a walk down memory lane

Boots first became popular during the Victorian era which spanned a time between the mid to late 1800s (during the rule of Queen Victoria). During those times, boots were a go-to solution for both men and women, and were available in different styles and designs, including button-up, slip-on, and lace-up varieties. The term Victorian lace-up boots stand perfect for the footgear that was produced during this era. 

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