DRONAMICS launches Black Swan cargo UAV
DRONAMICS launches Black Swan cargo UAV
DRONAMICS plans to roll out a global network of droneports allowing the Black Swan, which will run on SAF, to provide the critical missing “middle mile” in air freight

DRONAMICS launches Black Swan cargo UAV

Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO and Konstantin Rangelov, Co-Founder & CTO, Bulgaria-based DRONAMICS unveiled the Black Swan, a new type of cargo-carrying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can carry up to 350 kg for up to 2,500 km at up to 50 percent lower cost than any aircraft.

The Black Swan can operate from runways as short as 400 metres, unpaved, and will enable DRONAMICS to serve customers in even the smallest and most remote communities, an official statement said.

"No longer will anyone be forced to choose between low-cost road freight that can take days to deliver or fast air freight that is ever so expensive. Same day, affordable airfreight is finally here."

DRONAMICS has signed an agreement with Sofia Airport for innovation initiatives, and the Black Swan launch, after six years in development, was held at the airport yesterday in a windy, chill evening.


 "The unveiling of the Black Swan represents a critical milestone in the company’s mission to enable same-day shipping for everyone, everywhere," Svilen said. "The years of hard work is paying off and as soon as we’re done with our extensive test program and obtain certification in 2022, we are going to begin commercial operations, serving customers in Europe and beyond years ahead of everyone else.”

DRONAMICS expects to operate 60 Black Swans by the end of 2022, Svilen said in an earlier interview. 


Konstantin added: “For more than 100 years, people have designed airplanes for humans first, meaning they were never really optimised for cargo. In fact, they’re quite inefficient. By being extremely focused solely on carrying cargo, we were able to develop an aircraft that is able to do the job at up to 80% lower cost than any other airplane, meaning we can bring the benefits of aviation to billions of people around the world who do not get regular air service.”

Both reiterated the commitments of DRONAMICS:

DRONAMICS plans to roll out a global network of droneports allowing the Black Swan to provide the critical missing “middle mile” in air freight, the statement added.

"Able to run on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel, it will do so in a more environmentally friendly manner than any previous aircraft in existence, enabling global partners like DHL and Hellmann Logistics to not only serve their customers in the fastest way possible, but also in the greenest one as well."

The company recently got approval to raise €3 million from the Bulgarian exchange, and will offer investors 5.3 million preference, Class B shares of €0.5/share.

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