Develop a Crowdfunding Clone app and raise money in a quick time
Develop a Crowdfunding Clone app and raise money in a quick time
Launch a Crowdfunding platform

Sometimes people need money all of a sudden! Approaching their colleagues, family members and friends may not satisfy their purpose. However, they can solve their problems by organizing a fundraising campaign online. Entrepreneurs can also connect donors with people of economically weaker sections (EWS) by launching a Crowdfunding clone app


The core features of a fundraising platform are 


  • Filter and search panel - Interested donors can locate fundraisers with ease. They can tap the filter and search bar at the top and discover the names of beneficiaries, creators, and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). 

  • Start a Fundraiser button - People across different sections of society can launch a fundraising campaign in a quick time. They must submit information like their email address, name, and phone number. Further, persons in dire need of financial assistance must fill the Purpose section, like animal welfare, child care, community development, education, food and hunger, medical, women empowerment etc. 

  • Social sign-in option - Users can instantly log in on a Crowdfunding like platform. They must sync their email address, profiles on instant messaging apps and social media accounts. This ensures that funds can be raised in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Integration with payment gateways - While raising funds is of paramount importance, quick deposit and withdrawal options are also needed. How can that problem be solved? Donors can process transactions via credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, net banking accounts, and wire transfers.

  • Help Desk - Donors and fundraisers can sort out their issues effortlessly by contacting the 24x7 functional help centre. Techpreneurs should hire a knowledgeable team for handling their queries. Users can sort out issues related to changing passwords, processing of transactions, verification of accounts, withdrawal of money etc. They will receive instant support via email, live chat, and phone. 


Wrapping Up

Are you that entrepreneur who wishes to aid society immensely? Team up with a top-notch app development company and establish a crowdfunding clone app soon.