Covid-19 Effect on Economy|Buisness
Covid-19 Effect on Economy|Buisness
Everything was going good, everyone’s life, ecommerce business and world was busy in many things, suddenly the hurdle came in between and things changed in such a way which was not expected by anyone.

Everything was going good, everyone’s life, ecommerce business and world was busy in many things, suddenly the hurdle came in between and things changed in such a way which was not expected by anyone.

Corona Virus is a hurdle which stopped everything and forced everyone to stop the day to day activity or forced to changed the daily activity was made the drastic change in everyone life. Corona Virus is also known as Covid-19. This is the most adverse effect which humanity is facing in the ear of technology, what we think about ourself and this world is completely changed due to covid-19.

Covoid-19 is not only affecting the life of the humans but it is affecting the economy of the developed and developing countries as well. Irrespective of developed and developing countries all are facing the economic worries which may be harder in the future. Ecommerce platform is one of the industry which is getting affected by covid-19.

Not going where this corona virus comes from and what is the cure of this most dangerous virus lets discuss about how corona is affecting the world economy.

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Adverse affects of Covid-19 on World EconomyOriginated from one the developed country and hampered many people around the world and affecting the world economy as well. Let’s take a look which all industry are getting affected due to this pandemic.

Travel IndustryTravelling is considered is one the best stress buster that’s why travel industry is on the flourish mode. People love to travel to another country however due to covid-19 people are not moving within the country and not to another country as well. This non movement is denting the travel industry. Most of the country is going into isolation due to security reason and taking precautions so that virus affected people should not enter in their country.

Automobile Industry

Covid-19 gave new term to this world and that is Social Distancing, when people are keeping distance to each other they can’t work together and in automobile industry people have to work together to make the cars. When social distancing is there no one can work together on the same best ecommerce platform. Automobile industry is one of the industry which is getting most affected.

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IT IndustryThis is the the most prominent industry in the world and making goof share in world economy. If the economy is down there will be no big contracts will be roll out and many companies will try to money save as much as  possible, if IT industry collapse than any other industries wil also get affected an IT is making run others industries smoother.

Entertainment IndustryThis is again an important industry which will get affected by covid-19, entertainment industry depends on on the crowd, due to pandemic all cinemas and sports stadium are closed and all festivals are cancelled or postponed. All the restaurants are closed which is badly impacting the business and people have to pay for the expenses from the pocket. Pandemic made people to seat at home and left all the way of entertainment behind.

This virus is dangerous and will contagious, human interaction is still dangerous , business can’t be return to normal until this pandemic is there.

World Stock Markets are going down be it US Stock Market or Japan Stock Market; everything is going down as the day passes.