Communicating with empathy leveraging AI
Communicating with empathy leveraging AI
AI is evolving as a significant Customer Experience tech, here Yashdeep Vaishnav from Salesforce showcases how AI can help marketers in communicating with empathy

The current crisis is provoking many conversations around content, brand voice, and frequency of messaging for marketers. –

These are the three questions front of mind when communicating with customers:

  • What are we trying to communicate?
  • How do we provide support and empathy?
  • How do we field calls from anxious customers?

In today’s climate, you have to channel your sixth sense: empathy.

You must rely on their understanding of their customers and themselves during life’s most stressful events. Values and belief systems matter more than ever – this can’t be just a marketing exercise.

Businesses are powerful platforms for social change and one of the platforms where we can best help educate, elevate, empower, and learn. Marketers need to engage through empathy. To gain empathy, we need to listen to our communities, employees, customers and partners, and remind ourselves that we’re marketing to people. That being said, a data-driven and inclusive approach will always remain important in our industry. The most powerful stories inspire and bring communities together. Understanding data makes us all better at being able to be agile with our strategy and create compelling content that reaches people through both the head and the heart.

There are tools that can help marketers achieve this level of personalization at scale. Artificial intelligence (AI) can tailor the content, timing, and frequency of messages. It delivers insights and allows marketers to be proactive in improving customer experience.   Not only are companies at all levels needing to rethink how they connect with customers in a nearly 100% digital world, marketers also need to be agile and innovative — it’s time to rethink, re-skill and throw the old marketing and sales playbooks out the window.

You can use AI to:

  • Adjust the timing and frequency of each message
  • Discover the right sentiment and language for each customer
  • Automate personalized content and imagery
1. How to increase the chances your emails are read

Send Time Optimization (STO)  is their first step in creating a total personalized customer experience. With inboxes being inundated with emails, Einstein STO raises the chances your message won’t get lost in a recipient’s inbox.