Best Report Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market 2021: By Top Key Players like Siemens AG, ABB Ltd
Best Report Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market 2021: By Top Key Players like Siemens AG, ABB Ltd
The Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market was valued at around USD 194.67 Billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to gain USD 340.56 Billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of 9.1% over the period between 2021-2027.

The automation trade has been reworked by the mixture of digital and physical aspects of producing, geared toward delivering optimum performance. moreover, the target of reaching zero waste production and lesser time to understand the market has accumulated the enlargement of the market. Automation of producing processes has provided completely  totally different blessings, like simple observation, overcome of waste, and speed of production. This technology offers customers Associate in Nursing improved quality with standardization and dependable product among time and at however lower value. Connecting the economic machinery and instrumentation and getting amount of your time knowledge have acted a large role among the incorporation of SCADA, HMI, PLC systems, and code package that provide illustration.

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Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Associate in Nursingalysis report provides associate in-depth define of the business else as market segmentation by the zero.5, deployment, organization size, business verticals, and science. Analysis of the worldwide market with special specialization in high growth application in each vertical and aggressive market section. It includes associating associate in-depth competitive landscape with identification of the key players with award affiliation to any or all or any varieties of the market, in-depth market share analysis with individual revenue, market shares, and high players rankings. The Impact analysis of the market dynamics with factors presently driving and restraining the enlargement of the market, besides their impact at intervals the short, medium, and long landscapes.

Dominant Key Players on Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market Covered are:

Schneider Electric SE,Rockwell Automation Inc.,Honeywell International Inc.,Emerson Electric Company,ABB Ltd,Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,Siemens AG,Omron Corporation,Yokogawa Electric Corporation,General Electric Co.,Texas Instruments Inc.,Robert Bosch GmbH and others.

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The Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market report concludes with comprehensive details on the enterprise operations and financial arrangement of leading vendors in the Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market report, Summary of important trends in the past and are in accounts that are reported to be good for companies searching for venture businesses in the market. Information about the marketing channels and vendors in the forex market was provided here. This study serves as a rich guide for players and new players on the marketplace.


Market Dynamics And Factors



Growing Emphasis On Energy Efficiency And Cost Reduction

The manufacturing sector is witnessing significant growth. In the United States, employment in the production sector reduced over the past 25 years. Rising material costs, price reduction pressures, and increasing labor costs are primary challenges faced by these industries. Moreover, in the United States, the changing unit labor wages show the irregularity in productivity. This augmented the pace of adoption of automation across the industrial sector, reducing the costs associated with production.


As per the Institute for Supply Management Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, in 2020, industrial materials' costs soared after a downfall in early 2020. From a global perspective, more jobs, more workers, more consumption, and more competition for the same goods and materials were observed. Rising prices have forced a downcycle and compromise growth



Remarkable Capital Investments And Reinvestment For The Maintenance.

Funding a high amount is tough for new entrants who are setting up their first plant. As result, these companies have to carry out an in-depth analysis of their return on investments before executing industrial control and factory automation systems and solutions. Furthermore, it is not feasible for several companies to remove their existing legacy systems due to the high costs of new and advanced systems and poor interoperability in legacy systems.



Trade Tensions And Implementation Challenges

With the rising cost of production in China and the strengthening of the Yuan against the Dollar, investors have been looking at alternate manufacturing destinations. However, for that, manufacturers need to focus on quality production and environment-friendly manufacturing regulations. A fully automated facility takes years to adjust and evolve with the growing technology. Meanwhile unfavorable or delayed initiatives on active automation adaption have limited the growth on a regional basis.



Growing Demand For Safety Compliances Automation Solutions

Industrial manufacturing includes various processes that can be harmful to humans. Lethal accidents can occur at the time of production due to human errors or mechanical failures. Thus, the manufacturing industry must adopt safety measures to avoid such incidents at the workplace. Safety acquiescence automation products support for the overcome the risk of accidents. For instance, safety automation instruments indicate operators while emergencies and take certain programmed actions to reduce their impact on human lives. They monitor malfunctions in various machines and processes and run diagnostics to come up with the solutions at the earliest. Hence, quick and proper responses are anticipated from these safety instrument systems (SIS). According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the rate of serious workplace injuries and illnesses has felled remarkedly from 3.3 per 100 workers between 2018 to 2019 due to the incorporation of safety components and industrial automation.


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Therefore, enabling them to overcome faults in the product, decreasing downtime, scheduling maintenance, and shifting from being in the reactive state to predictive and prescriptive stages for decision-making. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Industrial 4.0 are at the center of the latest advancement approaches for development, production, and management of the entire logistics chain, otherwise known as smart factory automation, and are dominating the trends in the industrial sector, with machinery and devices being connected via internet.


Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market Segmentation:


By Industrial Control Systems, Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market report covers:

Distributed Control System (Dcs),Programmable Logic Controller (Plc),Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Scada),Product Lifecycle Management (Plm),Human Machine Interface (Hmi),Manufacturing Execution System (Mes),Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp),Other Industrial Control Systems

By Field Devices, Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market report covers:

Machine Vision Systems,Robotics (Industrial),Sensors And Transmitters,Motors And Drives,Other Field Devices

By End-User Industry, Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market report covers:

Automotive,Chemical And Petrochemical,Utility,Pharmaceutical,Food And Beverage,Oil And Gas,Other End-User Industries

Following regions are highlighted Factory Automation And Industrial Control System Market report:


·         North America

·         Asia Pacific

·         Europe

·         Middle East & Africa


Regional Insights:


By Geography, Europe accounted for the largest market share of 26.67%, in 2020, Europe is expected to witness a steady increase in demand for factory automation solutions and industrial control systems owing to the adoption of Industry 4.0 in all the regions.


The Asia-Pacific is anticipated to observe the highest CAGR in the projected period. The demand in China for factory automation includes the demand for automating production lines and supply chain and has driven it towards the factory automation sphere and has been supported by favorable investments.


In North America, the United States continues to develop and integrate its position in the global market in the factory automation and industrial control systems industry.


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Key Industry Developments:

In March 2021, ABB and ETH Zurich have extended their partnership in robotics research as part of ETH's RobotX initiative. The RobotX initiative, introduced in 2019, is deliberate to position ETH as a boss in robotics research institutions. The effort will be helped by ABB's Robotics and Discrete Automation business.

In March 2021, Stratasys merged with Xometry to supply various latest more-performance nylon material options to customers of Xometry's global custom producing marketplace. Xometry's customer base of startups to Fortune 100 companies now enables us to tap Stratasys Direct's deep expertise and substantial producing ability in SLS 3D printing.

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