A Crystalline Cyclic Amide, Caprolactam Is Water-Soluble
A Crystalline Cyclic Amide, Caprolactam Is Water-Soluble
polymers and Resins

A crystalline cyclic amide with water solubility is known as caprolactam. It melts at a temperature of 70 °C. Caprolactam is a crucial raw ingredient used in the ring-opening polymerization process to create nylon 6 fibres and resins. The primary raw materials needed to make caprolactam are cyclohexane and ammonia. In order to create high-strength fibres, resins, and films, nylon 6 polymers are employed. It is used in a variety of industries, including the automotive sector and the textile industry. About 68% of the caprolactam used to make nylon fibre for textile, carpet, and industrial yarns is consumed by the textile sector. Additionally, the remaining caprolactam is employed in the production of engineering resins and films.

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