5 Ways to View the Latest Private Instagram Story Accounts
5 Ways to View the Latest Private Instagram Story Accounts
Maybe many of us feel embarrassed if we get caught peeking at someone's Instagram story. So, so as not to impress as a "stalker", let's follow how to view Ig stories without the owner knowing below!

The highest level of curiosity of netizens in cyberspace lies in private Instagram accounts. But calm down, below is a discussion on how to view private Instagram stories using applications and websites that you can try.

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Instagram is one of the social media that is widely used by people today, especially for young children.

These ways will certainly treat this curiosity, just take a look at the following discussion:

5 Ways to View the Latest Private Instagram Story Accounts

Via Instalooker

How to view Instagram stories for private accounts, namely through the Instalooker website. This website allows anyone to view the contents of posts from Instagram accounts that are in private mode.

How to access it simply by entering the username of the Instagram account whose account is private.

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With Instaspy

The Instaspy website can also help treat curiosity about the contents of private Instagram account posts. The use of this website is more practical because there is no need to install the application first. How to operate the Instaspy site is also easy.

First, open the Instagram account of the person you want to see, copy the account profile link. Then, visit the Instaspy website and select the See Private Profiles Now menu. Paste the copied profile link in the URL box provided, click Want to View and the Instagram story can be seen.

Via Private Instagram Viewer

Another website that can be used to view private Instagram stories is the Private Instagram Viewer. The appearance of this website is simpler than the previous website.

Enter the Private Instagram Viewer website via a browser. Type the username of the Instagram account that you want to see the Instagram story for.

Using Instagram+

Unlike the previous method, which does not require downloading an application, this fourth method requires an additional application.

First, download Instagram+ through the website that is usually used to download the application, then install it. Log in to your Instagram account through this application, find the Instagram account you want to see the Instagram story for.

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Use Ghostegro

This application is also good at displaying stories and posts on private Instagram accounts. Equipped with a capacity of only 7.1 MB, this application is widely used because it is very light. Unlike Instagram+ which is illegal, the Ghostegro app is official and available on the play store.

The first way to use it, open the installed Ghostegro application, log in using an Instagram account. Enter the username of the private Instagram account where the story will be viewed and the person's story can be viewed.

That's how to view private Instagram stories, which is a must-try for curious creatures. The methods above have proven worth it to be able to view IG stories that are in private mode without having to follow the account.