Alibaba Marketplace | Is Prices on Alibaba Legit?
Alibaba Marketplace | Is Prices on Alibaba Legit?
Alibaba prices are very low. It get people confusing about is it legit or not. So, let's dig in a bit to find out!

Alibaba Marketplace | Is Prices on Alibaba Legit?

Alibaba is one of the most prominent global e-commerce platforms. It links B2B, creating an ideal trade environment for them. Have you ever wondered why Alibaba is so inexpensive?

As experts in getting things from Alibaba vendors, we know how it works and can help you.

Even some international companies purchase from Alibaba and sell on Amazon. It is all the result of a flawless commercial strategy amongst the trading firms on these eCommerce websites. Our primary objective is to investigate the causes of the cheap costs on Alibaba.

Today, we'll examine why Alibaba is so inexpensive for you.

Alibaba Group: a summary

This group's several companies have been at the forefront of the establishment and expansion of the internet and technical advancement.

A notable fact is that some of the money Alibaba Group makes each year goes to protecting the environment.

How are and AliExpress different? and AliExpress have significantly influenced the success of a huge number of e-commerce enterprises. These two portals are run by the same company, Alibaba Group, which is a leader in the retail industry. Both platforms are legit and their new competitor mercari is growing enormously throught the world.

But and AliExpress offer different buying and selling services for different kinds of buyers and sellers with different needs.

How does Alibaba function?

Alibaba essentially operates as an intermediary between global producers and purchasers.

Sellers can list their items on the Alibaba marketplace for free, but they can also pay for extra benefits that give them more exposure and let them list more products.

Creating a venue for manufacturers to offer their goods in bulk to other small enterprises was the objective. Then, these companies may resell the Alibaba items in other parts of the globe.

Accessibility of goods and supplies 

The availability of items and resources is by far the most important reason why things on Alibaba are inexpensive.

Each province in China specialises in a distinct product depending on the available resources.

For example, buying bedsheets and bed textile parts from a business in Nantong would be a lot cheaper than buying them from a business anywhere else in China.

Knowing this, most businesses on Alibaba offer easy-to-find items and materials at very low prices so that other sellers can offer prices that are competitively low.


  • A producer will produce their own goods. As they make items for each purchase, they would likely offer very high average order numbers (MOQs) while using Alibaba to market themselves.
  • In addition, manufacturers seldom hold stock on Alibaba since customers desiring unique items and packaging will also want their corporate branding on the products and packaging.

Consequently, minimum order quantities might be substantial. It doesn't make sense for a company to keep stock or run a whole plant to make 10 or 20 items.

Therefore, a large amount is required if you want to purchase personalised items on Alibaba. 


MOQ refers to the lowest order that a company will accept. It is essential to emphasise, however, that this is virtually always adjustable.

The minimal order quantity in our case is 50 units. Multiplying this by the maximum unit pricing of $2.15, we immediately determine that the minimum purchase for this commodity from this single vendor would be around $107.50 plus delivery.

This information is useful for future negotiations since it provides an excellent starting point.

Here are some of the questions you should ask when contacting suppliers:

  1. The minimum order requirement is the quantity you must purchase to place a complete order. 
  2. Sample costs: In many instances, you must pay for samples. Determine the expense involved. 
  3. To determine production pricing: It is usual to see a price range, such as $1 to $2 per item. However, you want to know the true price. Get them to confirm if the price is $1 or $2, keeping in mind that the customised price may be more. 
  4. Production time: You must be aware of how long it will take to complete the order. And you must also factor in delivery time. Recognize that international sourcing might take weeks or even months. 

Payment requirements: Determine how you will be expected to pay. Attempt to retain the transaction via Alibaba, particularly if payment is made in advance.

Determine whether you have the ability to negotiate additional payment terms if you establish a long-term connection.

Suppliers are attempting to distinguish themselves to sell more products. 

  • More than 28 percent of the world's manufactured products are produced in China. This makes it the leading nation in manufacturing.
  • It also implies that tens of thousands of producers compete for the buyer's attention. In order to stand out, they lowered pricing.

Consider the fact that there are 100,000,000 goods on AliExpress. The providers are aware of the fierce rivalry.

If you are a kitchen enthusiast like me and search for "plate set," you will get over 3,600 results. As a consumer, you will browse through this to choose which vendor to purchase from.


You will likely examine the images and then the costs. Assuming the reviews are favourable, you'll most likely choose one of the cheaper options. This is the attitude of many AliExpress vendors when marketing their legit items just like