samsung s8 plus refurbished
samsung s8 plus refurbished
"Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Compatible Amoled Assembly with Frame Refurbished - Orchid Grey
This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Touch Screen and LCD replacement with Silver frame. This Display features a bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge 6.2 inch screen.

samsung s8 plus refurbished

Samsung s8 plus refurbished

The refurb Lab offers a huge range of refurbished products that are tested to the highest standards, so you can trust they work like new.

All refurbished models undergo full testing.

All refurbished models undergo a final factory inspection.

All refurbished models are fully functional with genuine parts and the original battery.

All refurbished models come with a period of warranty.

Cosmetic imperfections like scratches, dents or marks do not affect the operation of the device.

This model has undergone careful inspection and testing, and is in like-new A Grade condition, which may have some minor cosmetic blemishes. It has been tested and is in 100% working order.

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