About SBMPTN Private Lessons|ayoptn visit for my website
About SBMPTN Private Lessons|ayoptn
Private lessons for SBMPTN or UTBK are one of the preparation programs for entering PTN from AyoPTN that focus on dealing with SBMPTN or UTBK material.
The SBMPTN material is certainly different from the material learned in school. What comes out in this PTN exam is introductory material in semester 1 of lectures at PTN.Les Privat UTBK Online
Les Privat Online - LES PRIVAT SBMPTN ™
For example, for physics material, what is tested at the SBMPTN for physics subjects is the physics material studied at the PTN during the 1st  UTBK in 2020-2021 has provided information to all of us that the assessment of the exam is completely different.If previously using the classical system +4 -1 and 0 , this time students' scores will face the IRT (Item Response Theory) system where each question will be weighed differently.
SBMPTN Private Lesson Guidance Terms
Students can choose a tutoring package according to the options above.
The study duration for each session is 1 to 2 hours (flexible). Please contact us for more  student's own learning time determines. Students can give us information about what day and time they want to study.If the study session has been completed, students can continue to extend the session again as needed.
Study Packages
  • Study packages that you can take include
  • Package of 25 sessions
  • Package 35 sessions
  • Package of 50 sessions
  • Package 75 sessions
  • Package of 100 sessions
About Us
Know the name above? Congratulations, it's a sign that you're one step away from knowing what you want after graduating from high school!Yep, they have top state universities (PTN) that produce the best quality graduates in Indonesia.
It looks cool if you can be accepted at the PTN above. Eits, wait a minute. It's not that easy to beaccepted there,  fact is that from the nationally available quota, only 15% of all examinees can be accepted at PTNs in  what about the top PTNs above? only 5% guys… FIVE percent!Can you imagine how difficult it is? Beating so many candidates throughout Indonesia who want to be accepted at the PTN.
For more information regarding Les Privat SBMPTN , visit our website: https://ayoptn.com/les-privat-sbmptn/