Best Grab Bucket Crane Manufacturers in India
Best Grab Bucket Crane Manufacturers in India
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What Is Clamshell Grab Bucket Crane?

If you are considering to purchasing a clamshell grab bucket crane then you are at right place, we are leading grab bucket crane manufacturers in India you probably want to understand its different features and functions. In this article, you will learn about its price, applications, and features. This article will also provide you with some advice on which model is best suited for your needs.

Clamshell Grab Bucket Crane

A Clamshell Grab Bucket Crane is an efficient tool for loading bulk materials. It is equipped with two rope hoisting drums and can be used in a variety of industries. In addition, it has the advantage of low dead weight and high productive capacity. Generally, clamshell grabs are used in ports, metallurgy, preservation and transportation.

These cranes are manufactured using hydraulic technology, and are widely used in various industries. Their hydraulic system provides powerful grasping force and high automation. They are available in different sizes and can handle various types of bulk materials.


The clamshell grab bucket crane is a specialized tool used by cranes to take hold of dry bulk cargo. This tool saves the operator from heavy physical labor and achieves high loading efficiency. It is widely used for various operations and processes in ports. Clamshell bucket cranes are classified according to the type of drive they use, such as hydraulic, mechanical, and electric.

It is available in two sizes: KM 602 and KM 622. The KM 602 is available in 400 to 650 litre capacity and a complete ready-to-fit package. The KM 622 comes in three sizes - 300, 400 and 500 litres - and can be used to handle a wide variety of materials.


A clamshell grab bucket crane is a lifting and grasping device, commonly used for short-distance handling of loose materials. These cranes have jaws with teeth, which make it easier to pick up materials. Most of these machines have a capacity of 0.8 to 1.2 cubic meters.

Clamshell bucket cranes have multiple uses, ranging from re-handling of materials to dredging. Their clamshell construction makes them ideal for a variety of jobs, including construction, mining, and forestry work. They feature a simple mounting system and are capable of being mounted on a variety of types of cranes, including truck cranes, forestry cranes, and wheeled excavators.


Clamshell Grab Bucket Crane is one of the special tools used by cranes to handle dry bulk cargo. It can be operated without the need for heavy physical labor and helps in high loading efficiency. It is a primary tool in the dry bulk handling in ports. There are four different types of clamshell grabs, namely, coal grab, wood grab, ore grab, and grain grab. These clamshell buckets use multilayer sealing craft and wear-resistant steel plate. They can be operated both underwater and on land.

Clamshell Grab Bucket Crane is a multi-petal crane that can handle both fine and coarse materials. It has three or four jaws that close when the bucket is closed. Its jaws are designed to accommodate different bulk densities and are grouped according to the bulk density. Medium-density materials require a light crane bucket, while heavy-density materials require a heavy-duty crane bucket.